Custom for the 3 S's (Social, Status and Sex) - Need help to narrow down modules


So I narrowed down to 3 categories, so my end goal is Social, Status and Sex. It’s nice to narrow down 91 to 40. Just 20 more to go!.. oh my God that’s difficult :sweat_smile:

I am male, single in my early 30’s and what I want is to create a better status and attraction for getting in any kind of relationship(s).

Here is where I need assistance:

  1. Please check the cores and suggest to me which three I should go for that would achieve my end goal of Social, Status and Sex. If there are different combinations with different results, I would be really grateful if you can give me some details so that I understand which one suits me. I am not aware of what each includes and does.

  2. Is the module “I AM” needed to my custom? I just heard a lot of fuss about it and wanted to include it.

  3. I have some in Maybe status. If you believe some of them should go already, let me know.

  4. Please let me know which ones you think they need to go.

The list:

Cores: (8. Need to narrow down to 3)

  1. Sex Mastery XQ Core
  2. Primal Seduction Q Core
  3. Primal Q Core
  4. Sex & Seduction Q Core
  5. Khan ST4 Q Core
  6. Ascension Q Core
  7. Stark Q core
  8. Daredevil Core

Sex related modules:

  1. Instant Spark
  2. Physicality Shifter – Sexiness
  3. Earthshaker – Sexuality
  4. Sexual Manifestation
  5. Sexiness Unbound
  6. Panther
  7. Instant Seducing Tactician (Maybe)
  8. Focused Arousal

Status/Social related modules:

  1. Lion IV
  2. Invincible Presence
  3. Alpha Body Language
  4. Rogue (Maybe?)
  5. Iron Frame,
  6. Long-Range Seduction
  7. Alpha of Alpha
  8. Total Nonchalance
  9. Godlike Masculinity

Result Enhancers:

  1. Deus
  2. Omnidimensional
  3. Jupiter (Maybe)
  4. Mosaic (Maybe)
  5. Energetic
  6. Development XI (Maybe)
  7. Submodel Alpha
  8. I AM
  9. Naturalizer

Others that are important as they include multiple categories:

  1. Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver (Results Enhancer, Sex)
  2. Emperor’s Voice (Status, Sex)
  3. Dominion (Status, Results Enhancer)
  4. Temptation (Sex, Status & Social)
  5. Sultan (Money, Sex, Status)
  6. Gorgeous Manifestor (Sex, Social, Results Enhancer)

Any help to any direction would help. I don’t know what to take out as all seem so good for my goal.


Have you ever run any subliminals from subclub before?


No i haven’t.


Then I would advise you to not go for a custom right away.

Have you looked at and read through some of the descriptions of main subliminals, like Khan, Stark, Emperor, Ascension? What intrigued you the most?


:pensive: ok…

Khan did.


But only because I don’t recommend it, doesn’t mean you can’t go for it.

If you have a good feeling about a custom, and want to try it, I am happy to assist you with the choice of some modules.

Can you elaborate on your goals


Please do. At the end of the day if I do order it I will stick with it no matter what for long as possible. It will be something I am more interested about rather than Khan. And for the last year, I am tired switching from subliminal to subliminal. Now that I can have all 3 in one, I will settle.

I understand it might be a good idea to go with one of the ready ones but I want to focus on these three aspects and none have all three without stuff I am not interested about. Emperor talks about an empire. Khan for wealth. I am not interested into these and is kind of lost resources.

My goals. Better said my needs. I want to get into any kind of relationship(s). I am an introvert. I am not social. I am shy. I have a lot of fear or rejection coming up. I need some masculinity, frame. I am at good weight, at good fit shape but don’t put myself out because of not being social, a bit shy when I am close to an attractive woman and fearing they will reject me easily. I can overcome these already on some occasions. I just need that push. Does this explain things?

Just so you understand more about the push, in the past I used a subliminal from another vendor and it worked really good. But it was also screwing up my life big time. I was not focused at all, I wanted to travel the world, I was very unstable. I did have some good time but in sacrifice of the rest of my life/lifestyle.


Why do you want so badly a relationship with any kind of girl? Why can’t you be fulfilled right now?

When you get into a relationship based on such needs of lacking fulfillment, you will quickly realize that the missing piece is still not there. Not even power, masculinity, wealth, etc will serve this purpose. In fact, there is nothing from outside that will make you whole.

Because you already are. You just need to realize this.


OK. For exactly that reason you understand I was going to go full emotional healing mode with a related title or custom.

As I have a lot of tools and already work on myself in terms of emotional healing, I decided to use subliminal programs for what I do not know how to handle (masculinity, status, attracting women) and continue working with emotional healing with my hypnotherapist and myself at home with various healing techniques.

P.S. Thanks for being so kind and helping out. Your time and effort is highly appreciated friend.


Khan would be a really well-fitting subliminal, to be honest

Stage 1 will guide you through your traumas, you past and heal you from the inside out. While healing seems like a “waste of time” it is probably the most important step. Without it, you will self-sabotage big time and hinder yourself from becoming your full potential.

The other stages will then build upon it and turn you very quickly in the man you always dreamed about. Khan is not per se for wealth, in fact I ran it longer than most people here on the forum and never really got any wealth results. That is because you can consciously guide the subliminal with your intentions and wealth just wasn’t a priority for me


OK. Idea. What if I add the four Khan stages in my custom?

Edit: Seems not possible. Its core and i am allowed 3 cores in total. Even if I do add 1,2 and 4 that means I run no other cores at all.


You are trying to speed up the journey

There are no shortcomings

You can of course choose a core (e.g. Emperor, Stark, Khan, Ascension) and then include some healing modules. That would work. But you are loosing the flexibility and focus you have with a multistage.


With you, its like I am interacting with higher-self. I try to skip teachings and “its” like… No no no no :joy::joy:


@robin_hut - when I looked at your list in your first post in this thread, I feel that you can do without Khan ST4.

My intuition says that StarkQ Core, Sex Mastery XQ Core and Primal Seduction Q Core will be good selections for your Core needs.

The other modules, i leave to you. Also, @friday 's advice about the “normal” Khan subliminal is good. But if you prefer the Custom, go for it.

All the best!