Curing Tinnitus


Don’t know where to post this so posting it here.

I am looking to purchase subs. But can’t because I have tinnitus (since 6 months).

Got tinnitus while I was listening to an ultrasonic sub. Cannot listen to ultrasonic audios anymore. Listening to ultrasonics damages hearing even more when you have tinnitus.

I wish there was a subliminal programme for overcoming tinnitus.


LionX, how loud did you listen to the ultrasonic subs to develop tinnitus?


At 20% of the full volume


I believe that all subs from Subliminal Club now come with a masked track included.


im a bit sketched out with the ultrasonics too because when I play it loud enough to register above -80db i can hear it real high pitch.


Same, but with Subclub it is far less (quieter) than with other producers!


What really helped me with that is Wim Hof Breathing Technique. Plus, there are some really good Ear Cure-Tracks even on youtube.
This whole ultrasonic-thing still freaks me out too.
Still figuring out what to do about it


We’re you using earbuds with that volume? I tried using earbuds couple months ago and with my volume at 7% which is only the first step I would hear a high pitch sound after listening for a few minutes so I stopped that. But if I play them on full volume on my phone’s speaker I don’t hear that at all.

Sorry to hear that. Do you have a constant ring in your ears all the time know?


I have been using noise cancelling headphones of bose while playing eog track 1 and 2 now for 2 months daily for about 4.5 hours while I sleep. Though I used the masked at only 5% of the volume I am afraid that I am suffering from minor deafness and I dont know what to do about it because I dont know if that is only the start to major deafness … The worrst part is exactly right now when I am starting to feel results with the program this happens… EOG has been the lifeline that saved me … but I am too afraid to continue because of fears of permanent deafness …


Here is what I did:

  • Wim Hof Method
  • Listened to Cure Ear Tinnitus/Conditions on Youtube with headphones

And my problems went away.
The first I want to do is to take you fear away. I know we all have been raised based on some beliefs of being powerless when it comes to health. But it is not true. Epigenetic teaches us, that it is our awareness, that controls our genes, not the other way around. And yes, this means you can always let your body heal any damage because your body knows best how to do it.
However, Id recommend you stop listening for the time being. Try it out for a week or so and see if you can feel any results. If you want more information, I can post some of the videos I listened to.

Edit: Here you go:


Bro @ExploringAstronaut , You are a god send … When you told “Epigenetic teaches us, that it is our awareness, that controls our genes, not the other way around”… It was like a light bulb went in my brain … The messed up part was I always knew this but lost faith in it because most of the people around me are so negative when it comes to these topics.

Yesterday I cut down my time by half and I listened only to the 2 eog tracks . I didnt mix anything else like rebirth or other stack modules with it and I already feel awesome. I will stock only with these 2 for the next 4 to 5 months till I get solid results. Thank you again Bro for your guidance , I also started listening to the first track you posted here and will update you on how it goes.


I look forward to it!
Yeah I know how that feels. When you study these topics and learn how powerful you actually are you are mindblown. Then you walk out into the street and you see these dull faces and its all gone :joy:


I have Tinnitus too though mild and only in left ear .
I would say for me playing masked versions of Sub help to counter that noise and I take it as White noose to sleep peacefully.


Today it seems like I have been overdoing it with the ultrasonics, my left ear was a bit numb. I tried the 3rd video I posted and just 1 minute in and I feel relief. How are you guys doing?