Crypto Gold Manifester V.1

Hello all, first post here. Been reading for a couple months have tried out different major titles Stark, R.I.C.H crypto, Limitless, Quantum Limitless, Iron Throne Primal Seduction, Ascended Mogul, Godlike Masculinity, Daredevil and Ascension. Finally made the decision to go with a custom subliminal with 20 modules: Financial Success Reality Shifter, Marketweaver, Secrets of Akasha - Wealth, StarkQ Core, Lion IV, Natural Winner, Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver, AURA, Debt Annihilator, DEUS, Direct Influencing Aura, Dragon Tongue, Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Q Core, FEBRUUS, Gloryseeker, I.Q. and Cognitive Booster, Mogul Q Core, Sultan, The Merger of Worlds,Tyrant. Ordered it Wednesday so should get to try it out either Monday or Wednesday when it comes in :grin: My stack would be my Custom x2, Stark x2, Ascended Mogul x2 and R.I.C.H Crypto x2 for my ultima. Will have five days running it and then two days off. Have money in crypto with a trading bot from Kucoin as my main means of growing my portfolio. I’m really looking forward to running my first custom :slight_smile: My current stacks I’m running is Stark x2, Limitless x2, Ascended Mogul x2 and R.I.C.H Crypto x2. I’ve definitely had money materialize while on these subs i.e at work took the initiative to become certified immunizer and was then informed by September I should a 1k dollar incentive for doing that, moved into an apartment with my fiance and have recieved money and help from her family and my family during this move. Honestly I am ready to boost my results and get on track to working less in my retail job and earn more from Crypto. Then with that money I’ll invest into other ideas of passive wealth. Honestly blessed that my brother introduced me to the sub club :pray:


nicely chosen :cold_face: would love your feed back on sultan getting ready to build similar


Thank you mate :grin: Will let you know how it runs, honestly I just loved that description for Sultan;
“Money, wealth, status. Sultan will help you develop your very own way of creating inconceivable amounts of wealth. It also works as a powerful manifestor of money, bringing more and more into your life. Status will rise in tandem with your wealth, allowing you to grow more and more economically. Being a Sultan means living in opulence, and this is what the Sultan creates out of you”. I’m expecting great things from this custom :slight_smile:

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So this is the first day of using this custom x3, with Stark x2, Ascended Mogul x2 and R.I.C.H Crypto x2. Definitely noticing the difference with how smooth the custom felt when I first listened to it compared with the other major subs I’ve used. The name embedding does make all the difference and everything else that the q system and technicians did with putting it all together :heart: I feel relaxed, plus just feel good overall like a warm buzz of calm mixed with being filled with good vibes is the best way I can describe it at this moment :blush: After this first experience with the custom I’ve made another custom order to stack with this, making it custom 01 x3 and custom 02 x2 and stark x 2 and R.I.C.H Crypto x2. I just wanna really give this my best effort and give myself the best tools for my future goals to grow and prosper out into my future; success and happiness :grin: Here is my build for custom 02 :Ascended Mogul Q Core, Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core, Positive Being Attractor - Wealth, Secret Source, Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy, Wealth Limit Destroyer, Dominion, Submodel Alpha, Temptation, Torchbearer, Mastermind, Virtuoso di Matematica, Apollon, Epigenetics & DNA Modulator, Pragya, Omnidimensional, Yggdrasil, Instant Seducing Tactician, Energetic Development XI, Information Releaser. Still need a name for the second custom :thinking: Wealth Booster Plus?


Today is my second day of running Crypto Gold Manifester V.1 and my first day of running the companion custom V.2 :grin:I noticed my word’s at work today came to me more easily as I was bantering with my female coworkers and got a remark that I should think of being a lawyer with how I can talk my way out of thing’s :balance_scale::nerd_face: As I was working I felt my body feeling hot for like an hour or so at work. Found myself realizing that I need a vacation soon and halfway thru my shift my manager asks me if I want to ask off for a week coming up in July. Which is good for me as I have enough Paid time off saved up to get paid for the week off :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses: Still waiting on $BTC to make it’s mind up about whether it’s done downtrending and ready to shoot upwards :chart_with_upwards_trend: Either way I’m still making money with the kucoin bot and it’s arbitrage A.I setting. Been thinking of what ways I can open more pathways to wealth in the meantime to help the manifestation have a means of directing wealth to me​:thinking: A weird thing happened while I was trying to unlock my car for work, the key wasn’t unlocking the car; my key battery was dead as this is my fiancé car that her step dad was working on getting the doors fixed as when the car is on and moving the doors automatically unlock :see_no_evil: In that moment I was starting to worry how was I gonna get home with no car when all of a sudden I felt calm. Then in my head I realized I could replace the key battery and sure enough I bought a replacement and got the car to open :slight_smile: Honestly interesting day, hard to tell if the car not opening was a part of the subliminal or not, but the rest of it I feel that is from the custom having it’s first effect into my life. Ready for the next day already as it’ll be a step closer to my financial freedom :money_mouth_face:


Today is my third day on the custom V.1 and V.2 plus StarkQ and R.I.C.H Crypto. I am more confident in the future of me building up my wealth. Had to tell a customer that their doctor hasn’t got their medication approved in over a month and I didn’t wanna have that conversation with her. But as soon as I was talking with her that emotion just faded away and I could speak to her clearly and concisely. Noticed that it looks like Bitcoin is starting to gain some traction, further boosting my thoughts on that wealth is manifesting into my account and soon I’ll be able to sell for a profit and put that wealth into something else :money_mouth_face::chart_with_upwards_trend: At work I was trying to get a coworkers attention with a joke but she was busy and at first I was annoyed, since I generally dislike being ignored. But I was able to brush that off easier than I normally would have. Recently just like an hour ago I just got my custom ultima with R.I.C.H ultima core, Marketweaver, Yggdrasil and Omnidimensional :grin: My last custom for a while unless new tech from fire or saint :blush: After feeling the difference with the custom name embedding I really wanted to boost my results and give myself the best odds for shaping my new life. Looking forward tomorrow to try out the ultima :heart_eyes: Should be getting more time off of work soon and will be looking forward to directing my time and energy to make myself wealthy.


How well did the bot perform the in the crash in the last 30 days?

How much profit do you make a day? (in %)

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The bot has been running for 14 days and 21 hours as of now, haven’t kept track of the percentage of what it was like before the day when bitcoin dropped. But the current grid APR is 184.32% and the total profit is -9.83%.
Though during the drop I was looking at a total profit of -20ish٪ for a bit,the current token I’m in is $TEL with entry price at .03237247 and bot parameters are set between the price of .01 and .04 with a total of 975 arbitrages done within that time frame.
As far as my account being protected when the drop happened, is something I really do like about setting up a bot as even when the price drops it will buy the dips and sell the high. So my profit percentage is slowy rising up and the grid profit is doings it job well :grin:
Hopefully by this week or sooner my total profit percentage should be in the +% and depending on how bitcoin goes I’ll let it ride a bit more or take profit.


Nice! Good job, buddy!

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Thank you :blush: Honestly good to hear those words :grin:

Day Four: This has been a good day for me today, I noticed some thing’s brought to my focus. Such as I can lose my words when speaking with a pretty girl, plus me putting in all this work and being frustrated with my job and I’m still in the back of my head was scared to think or believe I could get or be something better.

Honestly don’t feel like I was getting any reconciliation, but was just actually having these issues be pulled up into my consciousness. Case in point was when I was helping register this cute girl for her shot, I could feel my face get a little warm. But I still found myself talking to her after my initial moment of freezing up in my head. I felt like my arms were like putty or just weak.

But ever since that conversation with her I still felt my body warm and just overall happy or just enveloped in a cloud of warm fuzzy feeling of feeling good :grin: I knew it was a part of the sub and just basked in it :hugs:

This day I could really feel like I was getting a boon from the manifestation. When @friday asked what the percentage was of in a day was. With this bounce my grid apr % went up 127.02% So I’m now looking at 311.34% grid apr and total profits at -6.54% A good day indeed.

I’m off tomorrow so will be looking forward to checking out the market. Goodnight everyone and may you all achieve what you all want in the future😊

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hey mate , any word on sultan in the next few days looking forward to seeing about the opulence lol. Mogul_Nascent

Thank you for your support and guidance :grin: @Salchichon

I’m looking forward to seeing and experiencing that opulence as well :slight_smile: I do feel like I have seen the attitude or mindset of me being opulent. In that I’m not too worried I won’t be making money or a big sum in the future. Since getting the subliminal with Sultan in the build. I haven’t had a scarcity mindset.

I mean I did buy one more custom one day and then another custom ulitma also one day delivery. Feels pretty opulent to me :joy::sunglasses:


Day four: Today was my day off, relaxing day in general. Woke up earlier than normal for me at 6:30am, got a early head start with my subliminals.

When I went out for groceries I felt myself walking confidently without a care for what anyone was thinking of me. Standing tall, felt myself move with purpose: definitely a noticeable effect from the customs.

Spent some of my morning looking online for different jobs from work at home. Or different avenues of wealth via crypto such as different tokens to focus on and other ways to maximize my money :moneybag: Still looking into all of the above, but it feels as if I have more a conscious sense of what I should do in the future

Side note is I’m feeling confident in my skin and finding myself liking how I look in the mirror :grin: Slow day today overall for me, just have one more day of listening tomorrow and then I’ll be taking two days off on the weekend. Looking forward to see how my consciousness will do with time to process the subliminals :blush:

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Was busy yesterday and didn’t get to put down my journal for yesterday, so here is yesterday and today.

Day Five: Took off the StarkQ major program so that I’m just running my two custom and my one ultima custom.

Felt that I needed to cut down to the essentials to help keep my goals for wealth focused and see manifestation more sooner.

A moment of note was that one of my in laws she heard that I’d be working less hours this month and said she’d help with some of the bills for my apartment if needed. A sign of manifestation there I believe, as I didn’t even ask for her help, but recieved it without asking :blush:

Day Six: Today is the start of my first two day off of the subliminal, so far it’s been a good deal of relaxation. My head feels good, still feel the subs or at least like it feels like I’m still hearing the subs over my shoulder.

So far no reconciliation, I seem to have found my sub schedule. Looking forward to Monday on keeping up my 2nd week of my custom subs :grin:


Week 2: Sorry for the late journal entry, been pretty busy during my time off of work :grin:

Been trading or going into looking at new projects to invest my money into most of last week. Was able to turn $240 usd into $500 usd in one day, currently sitting at $1,400 usd pulled out another $450 to help lower my position entry from futures trading.

My focus on the markets has been pretty deep, I’ll be looking at charts most of the day and not get bored. It feels like things are starting to click, even with some mistakes I’ve made. I’m not holding that against me and just have a positive mindset to learn from it.

Heard from someone from Twitter whom I follow about a project to hodl, I’ve seen this before last month in June. But it seemed intimidating and difficult as it wasn’t on normal brokers to purchase it. I was able to find all the information online and it all just clicked on that I needed to do these steps to be able to invest into it.

Literally a small priced token $spe worth currently at $0.00000005 I’m looking forward to the gains I’m hoping to make, did my own research and it does seem like a diamond in the rough :blush: Patience is the name of the game and I’m already thinking of putting some of my futures trading profit into accumulating more :relaxed:

Money does seem to be becoming less of a worry now, as I truly do feel like I’m just tapping into money or at least my own momentum is flowing forward to wealth quicker and quicker now :moneybag::grin:

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