Creative Applications of Existing Subliminals

I envision this topic as a kind of counterpart to the Q Modules Request topic. In that thread, people think of various problems or goals and propose new modules that might be able to help with them. This thread is the converse.

Here’s the basic idea:

Although each Major Program and also each Module has a specific title, it’s also pretty clear that the scope of possible applications actually go far beyond that.

So, this is a thread to share or suggest creative or unexpected ways that we have used or could possibly use the programs and modules that already exist. Or another way of putting it is that in this thread you can share goals or problems that the existing programs and modules might be able to support.

This idea came because I was thinking that another module I would like to suggest would be one to help people overcome addictions. Whether cigarettes, harder drugs, or behavioral addictions. Then I thought ‘Well, until such programs are created, there are actually a number of existing programs that could already help people struggling with this.’

So, here we are.

Not sure where the proper place to start this topic is. I just looked for where the Q Modules Requests topic was and put it in the same place.

I figure that we’ve all found unexpected benefits along the way while using programs (or combining programs). So, let’s see if we come up with any good ideas.


I proposed an overclouding module with as purpose to release all dopamine addictions related to negative habits.

Yet interesting Thread, be following it closely.


For Addictions, I might try: Regeneration, Ascension, and Godlike Masculinity.

Combine that with a process of Values Clarification, Counter-conditioning, Support Group participation (for social accountability function), and journaling.

Later, I might add in Alchemist and 12-Step Group Participation and Mindfulness practice.


@Malkuth I’m confused. How would Godlike Masculinity help with addiction outside of possibly turning you into an unconscionable douche bag?

Godlike Masculinity really gives you that mental willpower, which is in fact a masculine faculty. I can only agree with what @Malkuth said, he’s got a great analytical mind.

When I was using Godlike Masculinity, I didn’t even skip one day of doing my habitual rituals, or what needs to be done in a day even brushing teeth etc. Sometimes coming from a party I’d be to tired and just go to sleep, on Godlike Masculinity I’d be a big No and I’d still do it.

Hopefully that’ll give some clarification.

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Why do you think GLM turns you into a douche?

Also, I don’t have experience with it, but I bet Spartan would help with addictions as well.

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Actually, now I’m confused :wink:

How would turning you into an unconscionable douche bag help with addiction?

Seriously though, yeah I’m thinking along the same lines as @Hermit. The ability to hold a steady frame.

I think any douchelike elements would be countered by Regeneration. I’m imagining that the two together might result in an open, vulnerable courage and strength.

I can agree with @James on some level, because the reason I quit using Godlike Masculinity is merely cause it gave me to much dominance, inner-power and masculinity where it became to much. I prefer to communicate with people on the same level and Godlike Masculinity gave me that feeling that I was above others, not because of myself but because of how people where acting towards me; always giving in, going to the side, letting me speak when they want to speak, etc

But if you like this behavior and also like discipline, maturity and so on, then Godlike Masculinity is for you.


Right. I can relate to that part of what @James writes too. Just that I think that aspect of masculinity tends to be more arrogant and self-justifying; and would probably be a bit less helpful with addiction.

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Our habits confine our reality, so it’s probably better for the creators to release an addiction release module which is based on re-balancing dopamine in the brain as all addictions are dopamine oriented.

I belief Quantum Limitless Stage 1 does that in someway or another.


Yes very much so.

But as always one must take action

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Because any level of dominance without sufficient mental and emotional maturity is a dumpster fire waiting to happen. If someone is willing to spend the money just build a highly focused custom to deal with the core issues

  1. Regeneration Q Core
  2. Ascension Q Core
  3. Ares
  4. Blue Skies
  5. Februus
  6. I am
  7. New Beginnings
  8. Attachment Destoyer
  9. Negativity Shiter
  10. Limiting People Remover
  11. Manipulus

Not too dense but also highly focused on getting to what is causing the addiction or need to self medicate in whatever way as well as being willing to hopefully learn to love themselves and not allow themselves to be sucked into the negative toxic pit of the people around them.
Although I don’t suffer from any addictions outside of caffeine and clown porn I do know what its like to be surrounded by an endless amount of unwanted criticism and negativity. Thats why if I do upgrade my current T2 custom in the future I am definitely adding Limiting People Remover.


Addictions, from personal experience, are all attempts to not be aware of things which feel powerful and frightening to me. I’ll be feeling overpowered (out of control), and me looking to addictions is my way of instantly “not being aware”, though it never lasts. Facing some hard truths are how I’ve grown, step by tiny step, but before subliminals, I just didn’t have working tools.

GLM pumps up my mindset to where I feel more power within, enough to get up and do or face the things I’ve felt overpowered by. Whether I’m happy or sad, my thoughts are what fuels any emotion, and GLM steers me out of a helpless thought life. @SaintSovereign even promoted it 2 years back when I asked how I might get past my own self-pity. Self-pity was, and is, a breeding ground for negative thinking and actions; I’d even call self-pity an addiction by itself.

@James, “Negativity Shiter” sounds like a pretty painful module. Not sure if it makes it go away…or makes everything go to shit!

jk :wink:


@subliminalguy I threw that in there to at least get to the minimum 10 modules . To me modules such as Ares, Februus, I Am , and specifically Attachment Destroyer would be far more applicable and relevant


Given my own experience and what I’m currently reading up on about non attachment it really blows my mind how unnecessarily difficult people make things. Myself included. I am starting to really question why anything has to have meaning attached? Why can’t someone be who they are or something be what it is? Why does everything have to be fucked with or assigned any sort of significance to be ?

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Thanks. I’m sitting here today, wondering which direction I want to go next. A custom? Or store subs I own? Not sure—nah, it’s just fear. I want to move forward emotionally. Old fear keeps holding me back.

Running Ultima Sanguine presently. I’ll run GLM next, unless Ultima shifts me.

This sums it up

Survival and reproduction programs. They keep us alive. But they also keep us imprisoned.

Sounds trite. But there it is.

Then we mature to the points where we’re willing to let certain of those stages fall away. Like a rocket that has escaped the atmosphere.

But we needed those prisons at first. We wouldn’t have had structure without them. Like jello. At first, when it is a warm liquid, it needs to be in a container to hold it in one shape. And it, necessarily, retains that shape. After it cools off, the container is unnecessary, and you can cut into any shape you like.

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Fear is yet another form of attachment . An attachment to a perceived outcome. Oddly enough I was talking to my wife about this earlier in relation to some fears I have or have had


Profound @James. That’s truth I can identify with. It sounds like Attachment Destroyer is really making you aware of your own attachments. Other’s too

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