Could you please answer these questions?


I am new to subliminal so my questions might be dumb :slight_smile: I am very much interested in few of your subs. Before i go for purchase would like to get clarrified few points

  1. What is the difference between ultrasonic vs masked vs experimental version?

  2. What will happen if any femal listen to male specific sub as i am planning to use speakers to play the sub and women might be around when i play these subs?

  3. You are mentioning that the subs are not passive and we need to take action. If i need to take action then what is the point of listening to these subs. My impression with these subs is while listening to these subs it will make our subconcious mind to instruct us to take action/acheive our goal. Correct me if i am wrong.

  4. English is not my first language, however i can communicate easily in English. hopefully thats not an issue here. Let me know



Ultrasonic - you won’t hear anything consciously, because the subliminal is in a higher freq. range.

Masked - you will hear sounds, as in, the subliminal is masked by the sounds.

Experimental - versions that might work better or worse than the standard versions. Usually ultrasonic only.

Depends on the subliminal in question and the time and volume of exposure. Minimize their exposure, but nothing harmful will happen if they hear a few minutes.

To open the way for your subconscious to both anchor these changes and to create situations for you to change. While every subliminal has an action-taking component to it, you are missing out on a big part of the subliminal if you aren’t working with it and are simply sitting around waiting for the changes.

When you are working with the subliminal however, you will find things are happening at a rapid pace and everything is really coming together.

If you can understand English, you are good to go.

Welcome to Subliminal Club. :slight_smile:


@Fire Thank you for the reply. One final question. I am not a body builder or any martial arts practitioner or etc. I don’t do excersice too :frowning:

I seriously wanted to improve my body condition and wanted to be fit.

Whether I can go for Spartan sub?


Yes, for sure. Spartan is perfect for becoming fit and improving your condition.


@Fire Thank you so much.

I found 30% discount so I have bought Spartan for my health and Mogul for my wealth :slight_smile:

Planning to run like this


In a loop.

Can I run masked version of these in a speaker? Or do I need to run only in headset? I feel comfortable with speakers. Also any special speakers required to play masked version or any common speakers will do?


Any speakers can do. Those that go up to 20k are best, but the rest are fine too.

Masked can be run in either speaker/headset. Ultrasonic stick to speakers.