"Core" (Q Store) Subliminal vs On Subclub Website



How does the core (on Q store) compare with what is found on the older website - major subs?

So like if one gets StarkQ core, does one also get all the elements of Emperor, Daredevil, EOG, QL and the whole experience in there?

Is only the ‘support scripting’ removed and the core is there, so exact same experience, or are there are any differences? Could you please clarify this @SaintSovereign / @Fire

Perhaps someone else will be wondering sometime as well. I guess th answer is yes because it says “If you want emperor Custom just select Emperor Q Core”, but just to be sure we get it right. Would the experience be the same essentially in that respect?

If anyone else has already enquired about this and knows the answer feel free also to contribute I’d appreciate it. Thank you and be blessed.


I can understand the question. Completeness is important to me, as well as thoroughness.

However, I took a different strategy when designing a custom subliminal.

I simply picked what I wanted and worried less about being redundant.

Elements of other programs would likely be directed at the goals of the main subliminal. So for Stark, if there are elements of QL or EOG, they are likely directed at what Stark is attempting to achieve rather than a general overall effect.

So I simply designed mine with Stark in mind, but also added what I wanted because I wanted it. I figured The Spotlight and Trailblazer were likely in Stark, but added them anyway because I want those effects.


I consider custom cores as subs which deliver a certain archetype which is introduced in the major program and the other modules on the Q-shop are like boosters which are oriented on some objectives. In my view, it’s better to choose modules which objectives are in synergy with the objectives of the core module. Like @RVconsultant mentioned, he chose Stark and added some modules which make some aspects of that archetype more pronounced.


To add to the other excellent answers…

Let’s stick with the hypothetical that Stark most fits your core desires.

As you look over what characteristics the Stark module consists of, compare those to your own strengths and weaknesses. And then add modules that bolster the weaknesses.

For example, maybe you’re already very social and quite comfortable with public speaking, but you suffer from low confidence and you have trouble getting motivated, knowing what to do, and staying focused.

So, you’d add modules that are designed to build confidence and motivation, helping guide you , and increasing your ability to focus.

Custom modules are a way to weight the module to your specific needs. The standard subliminals are powerful but sort of a one size fits all.

Does that help at all?


I think this is another solid philosophy to guide subliminal building.

Have a plan. Think about your goals. Pick modules. Think some more. Think and plan before buying. Remember, it’s supposed to be a 6 to 12 month commitment.


I think this is another excellent way to conceptualize a subliminal build.

Also remember to think about what you want in addition to archetypes so you do not limit yourself to an archetype.


Hey guys

This is all great stuff, thanks for your responses.

I agree with this but I simply want to know if the customs have all that is in the major subliminal minus the ‘support scripting’. So if the Stark in Q-store has all the same essential components and will bring all the same results essentially.

Do you think this is a yesser @RVconsultant?


I’m not sure how to answer that as I don’t know what is in the scripts.

Again, I would encourage you to think about what you want. For example, the way Stark is designed, I would guess that modules like Trailblazer and The Spotlight are already in there. However, I want to make sure those effects manifest in many ways in my life so I got both in addition to Stark. Now, what if I didn’t want the effects of The Spotlight to stand out? Then I wouldn’t get it.

I realize you’re probably wanting a black or white … yes or no … type answer, but I don’t have one to give because I don’t know what might be best for you. I can only give you ideas. Now let’s suppose you’re wanting to save money. Then perhaps buying Stark at the regular store would be best for you.

What is your objective for Stark?

What are your objectives over the next 6 months?

Here is another guideline I think is useful:

Perhaps you want to make sure you’re getting the complete Stark experience. That was the way I planned it. So in addition to Stark, I got other modules to amplify it such as Trailblazer and The Spotlight. I really wanted to boost all the effects I wanted from Stark, even if I thought that I already had them in the Stark Core. I read the description page for Stark at the regular store. Made notes. Then went to the Q store and read about all the modules. I listed modules I thought would amplify Stark. Thought about it. Thought about what I wanted. Then planned a subliminal. Then thought some more. Then refined it. Then thought some more. Then when I was convinced this was what I wanted for 6 to 12 months, I got it.

Again, I understand you might be wanting a black/white or yes/no answer about Stark at Q vs regular store. That is one way to think about it. Another way is “what do you want to accomplish and who do you want to be in 6 to 12 months”, then design your custom subliminal around that.


@Fire and @SaintSovereign perhaps an article on this could be posted on the FAQ section.

Basically, does the core in the Q store do the same thing as the program in the regular store? How are they different and the same?


Thanks! This is what I need.

Thanks for your long answer, and I get that entirely

But yeah eg I also am wondering cuz already got my custom but curious about this. And I remember they asked “what you want in this” and put a lot of cool things in it if I recall correctly. So I just want to see if those are all in there (eg modules for your looks enhancement, luck, personal magnetism, emperor parts, ya know, the “whole thang”).


That’s how I picked my modules, to give me the whole dream! As for the concrete answer to your question about regular store vs Q store, you might want to wave a flag towards @SaintSovereign and @Fire


Thank you

Waiting for their answer

I suspect many wonder

But the faq says if you want emperor just add emperor Q core, so I suppose it should be the whole thing for stark and all the other ones too.

I also have pretty much everything covered one way or the other I imagine… hm or not, still not sure what’s in Stark but it’s cool. I hope that everything is in the module on the Q store too :smiley: time will tell. Or saint/Fire