Contrasting Two Weird Dreams


I have been listening to Khan for over 45 Days now.

My previous experience was with Subliminals from another popular peoducer. that was 2 years ago. I moved upto stage 3 of that product and stopped listening to it after a dream. Back then, I got a pirated copy of the 6 stage program, so i wasn’t a part of their selfhelp community and had no one to communicate with.

The Dream that I had- I was in a dark Purple Lab that was manipulating peoples minds in a creepy way. It wasn’t just the Alpha male programming into my mind, but changing every aspect for example. In my Dream, I wasn’t being able to pick up certain objects, I wasn’t being able to walk out of the open door and many other creepy manipulations that i exactly don’t remember. After waking up, I was freaked out and discarded usage.

Fastforward to today, 45 days of Khan. I had a dream- It was actually a lucid dream. I mistakenly put on a sub that i don’t wanna listen to. But i could not stop it. My physical slef wasn’t being able to press stop.

But now i have you guys to share these weird dreams with.


So, even your Subconscious is telling to not add any unnecessary file into your playlist.
“Press Stop on your Physical Self” before adding the file, not after. :smile:


In case you are wondering about the first dream, I guess it was the anti-piracy script


Nah, he was once kind enough to share the script after a massive discussion was opened about it. Turns out it would cause you to buy anything you got through morally questionable means (I have a very outspoken opinion about the P-word). Not just his products, but everything. Little oversight there. You’d expect seeing yourself as a frantic housewife on Black Friday in your dreams. :slight_smile:

Anyways, shouldn’t have caused any dreams like that. All it did was make you feel like you should go and buy the products. Still don’t like the idea of AP scripting though, one of the reasons I’m so happy here.

I’m stumped as to those dreams though, unless you went straight to Stage 4 and your subconscious is saying it has way to much to do now to also focus on the normal day-to-day stuff.

If we take some of what Simon is saying into account, you might consider that Total Breakdown (Stage 1) is a bit on the heavy side, meaning you would either have to fight through it or start with a milder healing than Khan, like Regeneration. Or you could re-evaluate your listening hours. Listening during the day? Night? How many hours?

Oh and if you can’t control yourself, it’s a very vivid dream, not a lucid one. Even in a semi-lucid dream (I get those a lot when I run subs overnight) you can still force the dream to end. Full lucidity and you would have ejected the playback device out of the picture with your mind even if you didn’t want to move.


Other than this one dream, I have been feeling fine. Used Breakdown Stage for 35 days and now on the reprogramming stage. I think i will continue my regular pattern in the lookout for another dream like this.


I dont think this is correct, tbh. Being lucid only means being aware at all, but not to which extent. The problem is awareness is not like a switch, it is more like a regulator