Conscious Sticking Points


How is it that subliminals seem to change and help me with everything in the first place besides my sticking points I am consciously aware of .

I have had like three,

the fear of beautiful woman

Lasting longer in bed / dry orgasms

YouTube addiction

I finally got rid of the my fear that stifled me every time I saw a 10/10. I am making small progress with my YouTube addiction but am still not lasting any longer than when I started my subliminal club journey 1 year ago. And don’t get me wrong, I AM MAKING PROGRESS but it feels much much much slower than with everything else. I did run Khan and suddenly after 20 days I am doubling my lays. But I have those sticking points for over a year and still seem to little progress besides taking action. I am wondering if this has something to do with the conscious mind and the fact that I think of these of sticking points. Or where am I fucking up?

Note: I am running the right subliminals for those goals. 4 months of only Khan St1 (which git rid of my fear of woman), QL for 3 months and of course Khan 6 months alone.


Was it fear of women in general or fear of the 8’s 9’s 10’s?


No getting stifled when talking with a 9/10 which ever manifested in not talking at all with her and being shy around her


ahh!! i still have the fear of even apporaching 8 and above.


Can recommend 3 months of Khan St1 and immediately after EmperorQ for that :wink:


When you did khan, were you involved in any conscious training as well?


What do you mean by conscious training?

I did Deep Trance Identification and PSTEC but first and foremost going out meeting new people and taking action in general


like any councelling, online innergame/confidence programs etc?

For now this is just a dream


Yes I have been working on my game every day by reading the material and summarizing and writing it down in my own language in a journal book.

I am just wondering why I do not see much progress with my sticking points but have besides that amazing and mind blowing results with subliminals from subclub in general


Have you tried Sex Mastery X 2?


No I have not -

The full script of Sex Mastery is in Khan and I thought 6 months of running it will give me sufficient results. As I have noticed how I am seducing better when making out and am more dominant in bed in general. But no results in terms of lasting longer


@friday - I think getting yourself Sex Mastery will help. Even if it is included in Khan, adding SM to your stack will boost the “lasting longer” part. A good purchase for when this covid thing goes down.