Confused to what I want ?!?!?

so not new to Subs, been lurking here for a while but finally decided to use the forum, been using only SubClub since January. In December I tried another person’s subs but they didn’t really give me anything past what felt like a Pump that lasted a few days and lost interest.

Started out with

  • Emperor
  • Primal Seduction
  • Inner Circle

then played around a bit, for the last 2-3 months I’ve have been running the following

  • StarkQ
  • Primal Seduction
  • Power can Corrupt

It was ultrasonic all day while working, then masked while I slept from a speaker. I got to a point there was an improvement in myself but I felt like I hit a plateau. I basically want to get the following

  • improve my focus
  • increase my productivity
  • increase my Intelligence
  • Be the definition of an Alpha male
  • Increase my sexuality and attractiveness to women
  • Know what to say, how to flirt and talk to women (as described in primal seduction)
  • Get fitter

I’ve spent the last few months dealing with and sorting myself out to with issues and repressed memories that were holding me back, I basically let them go mentally. I want to be the best version of myself possibly. So I was talking to a friend who says I dont need to run Primal Seduction because its already in StarkQ and power can corrupt is something that comes like muscle memory after while try Terminus.

So I took the last week off, no subs, and felt myself starting to lose some of the new skills and strengths I had gotten so I felt it was time to fix. So I just ran my first run of StarkQ Terminus, no major feelings yet. I felt a pressure on the top of my head at the start like being squeezed, and also on my temples like they were being pushed halfway through, as well as a like pressure at the bridge of my nose, these all went away while listening for a while.

But I want to know is StarkQ right for me? does it match my goals or would I better off buying and building a different stack? I am open to all suggestions from people about how to achieve these goals

I think your previous stack was good for you.

Maybe you could try emperor+primal seduction? Emperor is strong for productivity, focus intelligence and will probably male you “look” more dominant than stark. Primal sed would add that “charisma” and sexual component! Also, emperor is good for muscle building.

Just a suggestion here, but I think your previous stack was good, but I would lower the amount of loop, the brain needs time to process and reconciliate your beliefs with the affirmations.

If you train 24 hours a day, you won’t be able to make any gains, you will even lose some muscle. But if you find the right balance, watch out.


Thanks for the suggestion, Im not concerned about getting Bigger Muscles it’s more about slimming down as I have already been doing well just wanna speed it up the fat loss. I want to get into shape for military service more than anything.

I will say tho the StarkQ Terminus last night I woke up this morning after the hardest sleep iv had in a while where I was a log and the most vivid dreams in a while that I felt like they were so real I was stuck in them nearly until I woke up. it was crazy, they made no sense but was just nuts.

so you think

  • Emperor
  • Primal Seduction
  • Inner Circle

will be better for me, if I could get these as Terminus tracks I think id be set just do the one loop per day and be fine. My issue is getting in the hours of looping each day I either overdo it or dont get in enough each day. Terminus suits me fine because I spend an hour or so gaming I can just put Terminus on while doing stuff.

What other Terminus Tracks are there, Is there Emperor or Piminal Seduction Terminus yet or in the plans?