Confidence difference between Emperor and Primal Seduction


After some reading I’ve got the impression that the type of confidence both subs give are different. I get the impression that Emperor gives more authoriative confidence, while PS gives more swagger confidence. So with PS the confidence is softer(not less strong) while with Emperor it more apparent/more in your face. Is this true, or is this a misinterpretation?

Edit: Also is PS a good sub if you don’t neccesairly are very interested in getting girls. I like the social/charisma side of it. I feel like ascension and Emperor would make me even more serious/boring than I already am.


If you’re not interested in dating/pickup/etc then definitely PS isn’t what you are looking for. Emperor will help you be more confident and charismatic, as will Ascension. What is it that you’re hoping to achieve?


What I hope to achieve is becoming a mentally strong man, who isn’t influenced by the opinions of others. Being better with women would be nice, but it’s definitley not a priority. It may sound a bit vague or too general but I find it hard to explain it more precise. In my head I have a better picture of it.

I listend to Ascension for 2 months but I didn’t notice much difference. I think this has to do with the fact that the overlap between Ascension and my personality quite big is. After listening to Emperor for a month I got a bit more confidince, but not much else. It might have to do with the fact that I only listend for a month, and the fact that building an empire/bussines doesn’t appeal to me. I might start running Emperor again.


It will take time for tbe subs to work for sure. The larger the script, the longer it will take to see the effects.
Read the FAQ about how long it should take to see the results :wink:

Emperor is about challenging you and pushing you to become the best version of yourself and more. It has some manifestation scripting that will make you tougher and stronger or something.
I think it will push you to build an empire, because it will help you realize that being an Emperor is about independence, freedom, etc, which is almost impossible otherwise… If you dont want this, then Ascended mogul is the way to go.


thnx, I think I will go with Emperor again.


Please read the following with sarcasm, not meanness…

No women. No business. … Does this “mentally strong man” have any goals?

If you’re doing nothing with your life, and all you want is to NOT feel hurt when people judge you for being a lazy ass, SubClub products may not be for you. :sweat_smile:


I’m gonna be honest, I don’t have any specific goals right now. I’m finishing school right now an then I will see if can find a real purpose in my life. It’s not that I’ve not been thinking about this before, but I don’t have a lot of ambition right now. Maybe/hopefully this will change after I finished school in 2 months.

Also I don’t necessary care for having big succes, whether this is with women or a Business. This definitley causes a lack of natural ambition. That doesn’t mean I will never have any goals however there is a big chance that I need to be sparked by something. This spark can be anything.

I don’t really understand why you are saying this, especially the bolded part. I believe I didn’t say anything in my earlier posts that would give the impression of me being lazy and not wanting to be criticised if it’s constructive. On top of that, not having any significant goals in life doesn’t mean that you are lazy in my opinion. It’s not like when I’m done with school I will be sitting home all day waiting for the government to give me some money. That’s what I call lazy.


If it’s solely confidence and charisma you want, I recommend waiting a few days for our next announcement. :wink:


Okay I will :grinning:


So a new title or an update of an older title?