Completely stopped ST1 for exams for 3 days


I completely stopped Khan ST1 for limitless V2 for exams yesterday 17th. Will continue that today (18th) and tomorrow 18th.
Will start with my stack of
Khan ST2
Ascended Mogul from 20th night.

Previously, I have done 36 days and 234 hours of ST1.
After the 3 days gap, should I directly move on to ST2?


My opinion, yes. But listen to your intuition. Do you feel like you’ve got everything out of stage 1?

Good luck!


I was gonna move to ST2 anyway, was wondering if the 3 day gap would diminish effects of ST1 @Hermit


You need to understand that subliminals are a long process, what you lose over three days are the short term effect, you won’t forget everything, but eventually your brain will change and continue to evolve depending on the environnement (that includes the sub you are using).

See how you act and think differently when you quit a sub…! You can never know what to expect except if you try it for yourself :wink:


It takes three weeks to imprint a habit into the subconscious. You’re one week past that, it will stick forever until you overwrite it with new habits. So, no it won’t diminish the effects of ST1.


Not at all. You dont forget what you learn in 3 days