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First things first like to say that my custom are going to be focus on generatin wealth and build my skill in my career, am a indie game designer and developer. I’ve been developing a game for some time before i got into sub but it because of the sub ive been running that ive been able to move forward, planning on releasing my game at the end of December.

So i have two custom and two ultima that i plan to use to accomplish my goals for 2021 using:

Release 6 games (2 larger one for consoles, 2 for mobile games, 2 for a new handheld to be release next year called playdate) this is to get my company which i started this year to grow
And to improve as a game designer in general

Want to create a bot using python to do stock trading will also be learning the markets too

Master 6 subjects to help me create these games = note i have 3 books in each subject

Artist = watercolor, chracter design etc
Coding = Learn 3 new programming languages (lua, python and javascript) and also Improve my c# programming skills
Game design = level design and system design
Music = master roli seaboard and learn to make great game music

These are the subs ive planned out :

Main sub # 1 for game design:

Quantum limitless st4 core
Minds eye
Ultimate artist
Index gate
Ultimate music producer
Ultimate writer
Inner voice
Natural winner
New beginnings
Blue skies
Eye of the storm
Dream traveler
Deep sleep

Ultima #1:
Quantum limitless st4 core
Executive ultima core
Iq and cognitive booster
Information release

Main sub #2 for wealth generating:
Ecstasy of gold st4 core
Emporor: house of medici
Debt annihilator
Financial success reality shifter
Wealth limit destroyer
Secret source
Unrelenting wealth motivation and energy
Instant business tactician
Secreats of akasha
Virtue series: temperance
Stress displacement
Negativity displacement
Stop porn and masturbation

Ultima #2:
Ecstasy of gold st4 core
The commander ultima core
Current invoker
Fortune’s favorite
Positive being attractor
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If anyone else i didn’t tag have any suggestions for my stack it will be appreciated

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Wow, RVC has been teaching you guys some bad habits…

Why create a custom Ultima #1 instead of Limitless Executive? The name embedding? Or do you feel you can add more with the custom?


Looks pretty solid.

Are you sure about the size of your ultima? Like I see the pattern of boosting your ultima with your main core of your Q sub. But honestly this seems heavy as fuck! like really heavy. I would probably cut the heavyness of your ultima by removing the core and focusing on the parts that “manifest” or make you think differently! I think this stack is too heavy and you might slow down your results :open_mouth:


lol didn’t get it from RVC
there is no limitless executive core in the q store plus i can wait on name embedding, the multi stage being repeated in the ultima is just to boost the effects,

any suggestion on what to replace and improve will be welcome i think it really nice tho


I would add Sultan or Financial Success Reality Shifter instead of EoG stage 4 to your Ultima
And also Beyond Limitless instead of QLQ Stage 4
I think having a stage 4 of any sub in an ultima let alone 2 is probably too much but that is just my own opinion.


If I have counted correctly you have 20 plus modules as part of your core ?. The last time i had 20 in my build it sent me into reconciliation. I am not saying it wont work but just be mindful of the number of loops you play perhaps 2 to start with.


You seriously tagged me as the third option?
I am outa here


okay i will definitely remove the multi stage core and focus, do you have any module suggestions for my ultima tell me


thank you for you suggestion will think bout it but i looking like my multi stage core are already out of the ultima

that what everyone is saying so yeap it out


thanks i think they all cap of at exactly 20 max, yeah 2 loop mostly until am good with that loop


lol it not like that i read you experiment with QL stage 1 and 2 so i want you advance on these builds, so what you think?


This really cracked me up, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood, I was wondering why you chose to make a custom Ultima with Limitless and Executive in it instead of simply getting Limitless Executive.


The main subs for game design and wealth are awesome. And as you already know by now from feedback, you might have to edit your Ultimas

My recommendation is that you either modify your custom ultmas OR just save the money and use the new Limitless Executive Ultima for both productivity and learning. Am sure it will assist you with wealth too

Since the optimum way to make a stack is with a maximum of (3 main titles + 1 Ultima) OR (2 Ultimas), if I were you, I would just use those 2 custom main titles and LE Ultima

Whatever you decide, wishing you success!

Main title cores aren’t recommended according to SaintSovereign, to make a custom ultima. Either use (1 ultima core + 5 normal modules) or use (6 normal modules) to create your ultimas


I haven’t checked them out, but for wealth, check out more for Financial success reality shifter, secret of the akasha and stuff like this!


i plan on only using custom subs and ultimas next year, if there was a limitless executive core then i would have gone with that but ive bee planing on build the ultima with beyond limitless and executive for sometime
also i only put the ql st 4 in it to get more of a boost for the main sub


Okay, I understand. Do read raphael’s post above. I agree with pretty much all of it. But I have no experience with customs… yet.


wait you didnt order the custom you were working,
are you still building it or am i mistaken?