Commandment Super Charger


Lately i find myself falling asleep listening to it then i wake up just before the end. Might be falling into a trance i cant remember.

Anyone had this happen ?. Or should i try stay awake throughout the whole listening ?


You get into a trance. That is the state where the subconscious becomes most suggestive. If you manage to get into that state, it’s amazing. That can only happen when your focus is completely in the present moment. That has happened to me a couple of times on previous other hypnosis tracks.


Hilarious that @blackadder’s been calling it Commando for the longest, then he gives it a religious twist.

@blackadder if you listen to it 10 times, the man on the hill will give you a different rule to follow :sweat_smile:


Holy shit! I just noticed it



Yes, this has happened to me a few times, after a long day of work. I believe I have listened to 2 loops by accident on occasion and woken up at the end of the second loop (I have my Musicolet app set to loop current song).


Lately with BL, I’ve been falling asleep halfway. That’s why I only play it when I’m about to sleep.