Combining regular core with q modules


Has anyone combined a Regular core with a Q module?
For example I want to combine in the same stack the “Stark” (from the Regular store) with the " I.Q. and Cognitive Booster" (from the Q store).
I know I can test this, but I thought there is a reason they are on different stores and maybe wouldn’t work well together.
Also how long are the tracks from Q store?

Thank you
@Fire @SaintSovereign

Several people are doing this, there’s no problem with it. How well the Q modules boost the other subs is still being debated. Try using Mosaic.

The reason they are different stores is because they use completely different mechanisms for purchase and delivery. Creating a single store that supports both types is a lot more complex.

As far a I know, all tracks are 60 minutes. But I still haven’t actually created a Q-sub.


The cores from the non-Custom subliminals are all available through the Q store. They 're purchased as modules there, similar to everything else. So, if you look through the modules in the Q Store, you’ll see Emperor Q core module, Stark Q core module, Ecstasy of Gold Q Stage 1 Core module, and so on.

To build a custom with ‘Stark’ and ‘IQ and Cognitive Booster’, you’d have to buy the Stark Q core module in the Q store (yes, even if you already own the standard Stark program). You have to buy the Stark Q core module in the Q store because only the modules from the Q store are configurable and able to be combined with other modules.

An analogy: the modules in the Q Store have ‘USB ports’ and other products can be ‘stuck into’ them to create unique combination products. The programs in the standard store do not have USB ports and are made as stand-alone products.

or another analogy: the products in the standard store are smooth bricks. the modules in the Q store are Lego bricks.

If you want the combined results of two programs in the Standard store, then you buy both of them and then you play them consecutively, one after the other. Now you have a ‘stack’ that is 2 hours long.

In the Q store, you can buy the modules from those same two programs and combine them together into a new, unique subliminal (that is still 60 minutes long).

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I think he meant a “regular” sub, not a core. So combining and subs. That’s how I read it anyways.

Agreed. I just thought the wording of the question itself suggested less familiarity with how the Q store works.

Yes. I understand perfectly. Thank you!

I am curious, though, in the standard store what program have the “IQ and Cognitive Booster” script included?

i don’t know. i’d guess Quantum Limitless. @DarkPhilosopher?

Can we buy one module and just play it as a single track or we have to build a custom? Sorry for posting it in your thread.

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Good question :slight_smile:

@DarkPhilosopher I meant regular “core”. And wanted to plug the Q-module in that Regular Core. But as Malkuth answer I see that it is not recommended.

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We cant. Minimum number of modules required to build a custom is 10.

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That would be the obvious one, yes. I suspect some form of it is also in the wealth building subs.

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