Combining Libertine + love bomb

How Would combining libertine and love bomb together work? And since these are aura subs, do they still need a primairy sub on ZP like the sales page of libertine says?

Im somewhat scared that this may take to much energy and would therefor be a bad call, but if it works i imagine these two subs being amazing together. Anyone happen to have some experience of combining the two?

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It’s very powerful in my experience. Esp since Love Bomb IS Libertine, just with the sexual bits changed over to Love bits. I think that first prototype, Saint must’ve done a bulk search/replace haha.

They both rock separately, but together it’s like you’re a new person for a while after. I doubt they NEED a primary sub, but any primary sub you stack with them is great.
I was alternating days of Emperor+Love Bomb+Libertine and days of Mogul+Love Bomb+Libertine.

I think Love Bomb introduces a sort of love/gratitude component to the manifestation scripting in Mogul. Not sure about Emperor. Money seemed to just “show up” easier on Uber Eats days.


Interesting idea, never thought of using love bomb for its manifestation effects. Youve convinced me though! Im definitely gonna try the combo, still have to see what my third sub may be.

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I reckon something like heartsong could make a strong pair for the manifestation and additional healing. Or possibly an alpha sub to built on top of the selflove and the internal effects libertine will bring.

In my experience, which is rather limited mind you, when I run Libertine and Love Bomb together, it is my favorite listening day.

My inner world is like me floating on a cloud of titties. The outside world takes notice as well of this I’m sure. I love myself, and in turn I love the outside world a little more than usual. Which isn’t much to begin with lol.

I also do not find that my energy is drained, if anything I do get more energized, like I am injected with a radioactive elixir made from concentrated love and peace and I want to share it with the world around me. I haven’t noticed a crash after either.

Also, I found if I run these and I smoke weed, I get a raging headache, so something to keep in mind if you are a partaker of the lettuce. just sayin…


I love this lmfao

This is very interesting. Saint has said that running an aura can take a bit of energy, but it wouldnt suprise me if for these programs its differenr, as the aura definitely feels like its coming from your inner changes rather than the sub itself.

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I will pay more attention to this. But maybe I just love to run these together so much that I might placebo energize myself, because I look forward to this like a fat kid looks forward to mom going in the other room while the cake is still on the table.


Diamond ZP + Libertine ZP + Love Bomb ZP

Will this combination work? Need your suggestions.


Should work if you want more love, more people getting sexual aroused around you, and physical pleasure.


I am on this train right now but how about a fusion of Chosen + Love Bomb +Libertine

Ahhh I start to dream and wish

I think it would work.


What about Khan + Libertine + Love Bomb (((or))) Khan + Love Bomb + Heartsong? :open_mouth:

I think Khan + libertine + Lovebomb might be powerful

I started Khan st1 30 days ago and I had to include love bomb and Sanguine to balance it out

Combining these two gives me really great social and personal results when I run these programs during my every day life. I feel the positivity and wisdom of Love Bomb, so it puts me on a higher social scale to be able to be receptive to receive the social results from Libertine. My own behavior makes people more comfortable to let me know that they are being affected by Libertine. They also feel the positivity and the love along with the sexiness, so that they feel happier and more open to act on their feelings. Many people are afraid to act on their sexual attraction during day to day activities. Love Bomb seems to remove this fear from them.

I haven’t felt like running these programs is energy intensive.


I built a love bomb libertine custom last year it works well


@lrw when a man runs libertine what do you see ? or feel

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I’ve only exposed my partner once or twice to Libertine zp. I think it was only for about 7 minutes, sorry, I should have kept better track. That same morning, I saw him in the gym and I thought “wow, sexy”. I was very impressed with what I saw. I would have been very happy to talk to him if I didn’t know him already.


What did you see? How did you feel? Can you describe it. I’m curious about it.

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We were working out together and it just came seemingly out of nowhere. I saw him from a feet away and I was so impressed by him. He was almost supernaturally attractive, and I’ve only ever been around a few of those guys before. I thought “now I see what all these other women see”, and I felt happy and proud to be with him. I do think that he’s very attractive, but when you’re in a relationship with issues, they become less attractive, to me at lest. I didn’t see him as a numbers guy in that moment. I just thought him as sexy and impressive and just perfect for me. What he had was beyond numbers, he was perfect. There was one or two other guys there who were as good looking as him, but they did not have the kind of sex appeal and attractiveness that my partner had. He was so likeable. Not in a crush kind of way, at least not to me. I think that I would have looked forward to seeing him again if I didn’t know him. I would have been flattered and happy if he had started talking to me.

He just a new haircut that makes him look better and he also has a workout plan to build muscle and transform his body in three months. I’ll ask him to run Libertine and will report back.