Cold Approaching (Stark Q or Emperor Q)


Between using Stark Q or Emperor Q, which one would make me better and more comfortable at cold approaching. I do fine with women but the initial approach has always been a problem.

As for superchargers, which one would help the most true social, Libertine or The commander?

For context, I am on the taller side with a lean muscular build and many girls have said that I am attractive (rated as an 8 sometimes higher). As for subs I used quantum limitless (for 6 months) and have been using Emperor fitness (now Q) for 4 months.


Definitely Stark because of the social aspect. I use both and Stark makes me want to engage with people and get involved. Emperor doesn’t have that effect. The opposite actually, I just feel like doing stuff and being productive. Better if on my own.

In terms of superchargers I have experience with Commander and don’t feel any effect in terms on wanting to socialize. More like Emperor, I feel like telling people what to do, not engage in conversation.


Then would using both at the same time be counter productive for my goal, possibly slowing/hindering my my progress?


Not sure to what extent, but maybe. I sometimes feel they pull me in different directions, but other times I feel they give me the ability to do both, be social, yet also extremely comfortable and confident if left alone.

I personally use both because each have elements that align with my goals, but I would rather just use one if it covered everything. Unless you have a reason behind wanted to do both I’d say is better to stick with Stark on its own.


I will be using stark Q then, maybe with the Terminus version once a week. Now I just need to figure out which supercharger would work best to enhance that effect.


StarkQ + Libertine at night before bed + True Social just before going out.


Thank you very much😁, I will be sure to make a follow up post, later on when I approach.