Climbing Mount Olympus by Amor

A new journal,

Found that flow again, realised some of the dreams I’d like to bring into creation and want to make it a fun ride, enjoying it, while also steadily keep improving my Spiritual essence.

I’m using the following Custom (Chosen Star v2) —

  1. Chosen Core
  2. Stark Core
  3. Carpe Diem Ascended
  4. Victory’s Call
  5. Lion IV
  6. Harmonic Singularity
  7. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  8. APS: Head
  9. SPS: Nervous System
  10. SPS: Endocrine System
  11. Deep Sleep
  12. The Architect
  13. Energetic Development
  14. Fusion Optimised
  15. Tyrant
  16. Divine Will
  17. Dominion
  18. Transcendental Connection
  19. Lifeblood Fable
  20. Void of Creation

Will run this for the year alongside Paragon Sleep.

v3 will contain True Sell and replace some of the modules of which the goals are achieved for new ones.

Began listening it from the 6th of September and it’s starting to kick-in. Listened two loops today effortlessly.

No reconciliation.

Will share a few things along the way in this Journal.

Feels like I have been on a journey of “discovery” and exploration for 7 years, you see, from a young age I had my whole life planned as I perfectly knew what I wanted—however, as I entered the education system, I was quickly introduced to the obvious corruption and immorality of the “system” which lead me on a search for truth and to deeper understand this world before I moved forward with “life”.

Gone all over the place really.

Most fortunately my search was successful, had a few scratches and damages but that’s been restored.

Now I’m truly prepared to see what I’m capable of.

Feeling grounded, down to Earth, will doctor out how I can find a homeostasis between my Spiritual world and the Earth and maintain equilibrium between them.

But most importantly, I know exactly what to do, and I’m fully prepared for what’s to unfold here in the coming 3 years.

Ultimately, what I desire, the passions that envelop me, what I’m passionate about is a distant reality. But I will build a strong foundation and do all in my power to make my mission successful.

I will bring a massive change to this Earth that’s for sure.

Not interested in the regularities of life.

I need something above and beyond… something to fight for, something that sets my Soul on fire and ablaze.

To know when I leave, that I will leave happily and successful, that my labours have not been fruitless. That all the seeds I have planted have blossomed into an overwhelming garden from which all may find there appetites satisfied!

So mote it be :sparkles:


Let us make Music. Dance with life. Music is in our Souls.

It’s deep.

Wanted to thank both @SaintSovereign, @Fire and show my gratitude and appreciate for being reinstated as a member of the community and allowed the opportunity to show my true self.

Amor :pray:


Once I’m done with Aps:Head and Aps:Nervous System, I’ll rebuild the Chosen Star adding Potentiator, Power Awareness and True Sell in exchange for Deep Sleep, Head and Nervous System.

Chosen Star v3

  1. Chosen Core
  2. Stark Core
  3. True Sell Core
  4. Carpe Diem Ascended
  5. Potentiator
  6. Power Awareness
  7. Victory’s Call
  8. Lion IV
  9. Harmonic Singularity
  10. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  11. SPS: Endocrine System
  12. The Architect
  13. Energetic Development
  14. Fusion Optimised
  15. Tyrant
  16. Divine Will
  17. Dominion
  18. Transcendental Connection
  19. Lifeblood Fable
  20. Void of Creation

This Custom will be so incredibly profound.


Success with your nice custom(s).
Is it a good idea to move that thread to the custom area?

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Sure may do as you wish all this information here is public.

For those living in the USA particularly, while the coming months will have a global impact the focal point will be New Atlantis (USA) as for this reason it has always been the epicentra of power.

Good days are to come for everyone, but first a lot must come to Light.

Truth shall finally be revealed.

Corruption exposed, an end to a vile and dark system and from which birth shall rise the Constitution as it was meant by the Founding Fathers who had great Spiritual standards and were divinely guided to lay the foundation for an event that will now finally unfold.


Looking forward to this journal! :pray:

Best of luck with your custom

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:pray: :sparkles: :sparkles: :raised_hands:

Preach brother, the vile evil will be exposed. I see now how this custom of yours will be of great benefit to humanity as you take your stance in this eternal battle between good and evil. :sparkles: :sparkles: :+1:

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Will update this Journal soon with all of the benefits, results I have seen and the general progress I have made with this Custom.

It’s been three weeks so far.

I’m taking a washout now until October 1st for deeper integration.

Reviews on each Module and Core, and how I see them reflect and manifest in the outside, external world, alongside a general commentary about this Custom.

With basically zero momentum this Custom has delivered a decent amount of results so far. But it was intended to be a long-term endeavor anyway.

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I have a lot going on right now, also this Custom is dense but I’m focusing very heavily on health on all levels of my being and gaining an immense strength of health that will allow me to function at a godlike level and achieve at an unforeseen level.

I saw more results and quicker from my old Chosen Stark Custom though, and also in different areas. But it came with more reconciliation, I believe, it’s hard to compare so many variables are different now.

Guess the Zero Point v2 tech has it’s upsides and downsides.

I feel like I prefer it, reconciliation has been non-existent for the most part, albeit I’m a little exhausted from going at a rapid phase. I’m moving forward with my life in all directions very quickly.

Will go in more detail when I feel satisfied with the results.

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I did like twice 2x loops I think last week which might have been a little bit too much for me too early.

Didn’t really have recon. I never really get recon what I do get is overexposure or the sense that I’m in full processing mode / tiredness and exhaustion that’s not resolved by sleeping, I also never really get sleepy.

So I’m just going to let this Custom breathe, integrate and process for awhile.

It’s day three of processing now. First day I’m starting to see more execution. I usually get a mixed amount of processing and execution around a week or so. And then after two weeks I go in full execution which is where the results TRULY SHINE.

Where execution meets full vigor and energy is where the results become powerful.

Which is why I’m not so much a fan, for the time being, of ZP because I feel it is dense and can take a lot of “resources” but that might change as I integrate more.

Might take two weeks, might take less.

We’ll see how much I need.

Zero Point is insane though, so much information it can take weeks to process it seems.

Will share and document all of that in this journal as the months pass to see if my perspective and feeling around Zero Point and these things in general change.

Might just have been that I’ve been depleted in general.

Would absolutely LOVE to add True Sell in January next year… after four solid months of integration with this Custom.

Maybe will try the store title first to see if it worth to have on top of Stark which I know for certain has some kind of sales module, incredible persuasive abilities and amazing social skills.

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Smart move, maybe True sell will do something that’s not alligned with your outcome. Ofcourse we have a saying in how the subliminal will work, but the sub wil have a bit of it’s own will.

Oh Glory, Oh Kingdom, let the Divine Eminence flow through and with me.

In all corners and places of life, absent from Love, evil is going rampant.

Being that brilliant Sunlight of Light, warmth, comfort, nurturing others, dissipating their fears and darkness is what Chosen is all about.

Wielding a Sword, of blue electric light that cuts through all forms of darkness.

Others will take from you inspiration as how to live fearlessly, with courage, standing for what’s right, while forging that sword against wrongdoing.

Amazing results after doing 30 mins of my Custom feels like I’m executing and expressing the program muuuuch better.

Now the energetic effects and auric effects are also perceivable.