Client Referral Program


Hi guys,
I was thinking you could implement a client referral program where the new client could have a voucher code, and the user who refered could have a credit or voucher code to spend on new product, or even on custom modules.


I am a life coach and I already put two of my clients on these programs. It would be great if there was some kind of benefit for me or my clients so that I can give them extra incentive to become a client. Let’s say a discount on first purchase would even be easier for me to convince them. Some individuals do not trust any kind of subliminal programs.


We have an affiliate program, we’re just picky about who we let in. If you have a legitimate business (that you can prove), reach out to me via PM and we’ll chat. Remember, there’s a 30% off coupon for first time customers that you can use.


But I mean for regular users too.
Not only affiliates.


…that’s what an affiliate program is though. :wink:


If you’re looking for something similar to a discount program


@danro82 is asking for a Cashback / Reward points type of program.

For example, if a member’s friend buys a $34.99 product, he gets $5 in store credits.

Member can use his accumulated credit, when checking out his next order.
Unlike with affiliates, money stays with SubClub. No need to disburse anything.


Just thinking how much I could’ve saved if this were available. :yum:


Exactly what I meant. You could get a small percentage as a credit for every referred customer who buys a product. In this way Subliminal Club could exponentially increase its network of clients and the customer can get some reward.
Both sides win.


And while we’re at it, why not throw in gift cards? I’ve been meaning to gift my brother with an SC sub but couldn’t decide what he may want.

Plus, this reduces the temptation for us who “gave” the sub from actually using it (anti-piracy thing).


Why not let the designer have all the money without a discount for us.
They do incredible incredible incredible Work/Art.
From my opinion they fucking Earn every dollar


Plus their products are priced very fair so people can afford them.