Christian Grey or Masimo stack/custom Ideas

Curious if anyone has made a stack or custom to embody Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey or Masimo from 365 days and if yes what is it?

I feel like it would be an interesting archetype to embody and become.


I have not. But I have thought about that kind of stack. I think having Chosen with a sexual sub could be consciously guided to help generate an aura of dominant leadership.

Here is my idea for a Christian Grey stack:

  • WANTED Black – for the looks and mysteriousness, it is called β€œ50 shades of Grey” for a reason, the man has many layers
  • KHAN – for the dominance, authority, sexuality and empire building
  • EoG – because he is a Billionnaire and EoG is aiming at making you one

Worthy additions:

  • Emperor: The Will To Power – to add even more authoritative control
  • GLM: Commander – even more dominance and authority
  • Limitless Executive – every control freak needs to be efficient and productive
  • Stark Black – because he is a famous rich entrepreneur

Unfortunantely, in the 2nd and 3rd movie, Christian Grey has lost his alphaness and was tamed, so I am using only the first movie as a reference for my stack ideas here.

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