Chosen as an entrepreneur, more customers/sells?

Has anybody noticed to get more customers/sells as an entrepreneur, while on Chosen?


I wish it had more wealth scripting or scripting for sales, speech craft, verbal fluency, etc

I am currently running Chosen + RICH + PCC for a car sales career I just started.

Haven’t noticed anything major yet but I’m journaling / keeping track. Think it’ll probably take a few cycles.


Entrepreneurs and sales people are different. Entrepreneurs design products, and then usually sell them.

Entrepreneurs are sales people, but they also do way more than just sales, and their ultimate success isn’t decided by how well they do on the sales call so much as but the offer and other decisions they make BEFORE getting on the sales call. So Mogul and EOG for entrepreneurs is where it’s at.

However, for employed sales people, it’s more about the actual sales experience itself, in which case @Nero’s stack is pretty spot on.

@Nero my only comment on your stack (Chosen, RICH, PCC) for anyone reading this is that it’s very externally focused, not internally focused, and externally focused subliminals have better results for people that have a lot of internal results already.

That’s how @Luther24 gets such good results on PCC. He’s already run Khan a lot, and he puts himself into social situations where he gets to USE the scripting of PCC multiple times a day. So it helps him express what’s already inside, and helps him take all his self and other-knowledge and mix it in with PCC’s wisdom to make best use of that.

With RICH + PCC, you need to be selling a lot, not just preparing to sell, otherwise the subs won’t have the opportunity to get results because there are no opportunities to get results. If you’re not selling day in and day out, take the opportunity to work on the inner game of sales.

Not sure how you feel about your personal development @SubliminalWarrior, but for people who want to focus on internal development before external development (which they should, if they haven’t already) good subs for the inner game of sales could be true social, GLM, Limitless, Executive, EOG ST 1, or the commander, depending on whether your limiting beliefs relate to socializing, masculinity, intelligence, productivity, wealth, or being commanding/dominant.

And the nice thing about commander is that it has authority scripting plus productivity scripting, which is good for sales.


My partner has been running Chosen for six months along with Emperor. He is an entrepreneur and has seen his relationships with his clients improve and has seen an increase in the number of jobs coming in. It can take time. It took him six months to see a significant increase. It might take you less time or even more.


Could you give a review of CHosen of Nature? And how you think it compares with Chosen. The connection with Nature seems to mean connection to the world? How does this sub make you feel? More less productive? More less loving?

@martin have you looked at the Chosen Way Of Nature discussion thread?

I ran Emperor and Stark for several months now.

Btw @Billions - I am Valkyrie, changed my name :heart::sunglasses:

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I know! @Nero I follow your journal and you still have the same picture <3

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Thank you for your answers.
My question was pretty simple and I was referring to the aura of Chosen that attracts people (including customers).