Choosing Diamonds at The Zero Point

Ran my stack last night, but forgot to post about it.

Ten days in.

I figure on keeping this going beyond the 21. So does anyone know if you plan to keep the stack going indefinitely if one should take a five day break after 21?

I am figuring so.

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I agree with your assessment. I think it would have been put in the instructions if the 5 day break was dependent on whether or not your stack is changing.

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May not have time to run my stack this evening.

Was not able to run stack tonight.

Considered now in middle of night, but will run tomorrow.

Will run stack tonight before bed.

Running Stack.

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Tonight will run my Chosen/Primal Seduction stack before bed.

Going to a “Drink and Draw” event earlier in the evening.

I have been working on abstract drawings in 5.5" x 3.5" sketchbooks, lately.

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I’ve got way more of these in process.

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Ran stack.

Will run stack tonight.

I am at just beyond two weeks. Will keep running this stack indefinitely.

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Would like to run “Dragon Reborn” when a ZP version arrives.

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Ran the stack.

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Do you feel the ZP effects are “sticking more” i know you mentioned in a post a while back you felt that the Q version effects seem to fade overtime once you stop using them…i might be wrong if so please correct me.

Will see if I have time to run the stack tonight.

So wonderful!

this and the following post.

Massaging my mind.

CHOSEN and Primal Seduction.

Interesting stack.

Inspired leadership and Magnetic attraction.

What are your thoughts or observations on the stack?