Childhood sexual abuse / deep rooted traumas


I’m thinking about buying some subliminals, I’ve checked websites and read the forums…

I’ve gone through a lot sexual abuse since when I was only 4-5 y/o till my teenage years, From neighbors, relatives and school bullies…

And lots of family problems too…

now I’m 25 and have no clue what life is about…

already runaway from my military service to Europe since 2015…
Haven’t yet get the permission to live (my case is still in the process) and also didn’t want to learn the local language, I couldn’t i don’t know

My goal is get rid of the traumas and have self love plus stop being negative about myself and future so what you think? should I start with Regeneration alone or put some other stack to it, I’ve no experience with subs, how should my stack looks like?



My compassion for your present situation. Your posting this here took a LOT of courage. An awful lot. I replied simply since I have similar trauma, but it was a one-time deal, and it stuck in my head.

I came here seeking emotional healing, and I began with Ascension and Rebirth. Being honest though, I purchased Emperor first (I used it for only 4 hours), but it was entirely too much for me, as it is very rough for emotionally sensitive people like myself. It really pushes one’s inner and outer limits, or believed limits. I took a experienced user’s advice, and I bought Ascension and Rebirth. It allowed me to breathe, to share, to even vent here sometimes, for as any trauma survivor knows, we isolate emotionally, and oftentimes, daily. Connecting with people, both online and in person, is something I am still learning. But this is a very safe community.

I began with Ascension, but moved on to Ascended Mogul after 2 months. I retried Emperor, but it was still too much. SubClub finally released Regeneration, which upon reading the sales page, actually scared me. I’ve had no desire to relive traumas…but fear feeds on fear, and after using another product from another vendor, I’ve returned to SubClub subliminals.

I’m attentive while using Regeneration, as I’m unsure what will come up. I’ve only been back on it for 2 days now, and I’ve had no issues with it.

The sanest advice I could give is to be nice to yourself using any subliminals. If you need some spine (like I have), start with Ascended. It’s quite well rounded, and it won’t overload you. I do Ascended Mogul with Godlike Masculinity during the day (at work on my phone), and Regeneration and Sanguine at night. Feeling safe enough to cry is important to me, so I run the healing ones at home when I’m alone.

Self love, per your stated desire, is brought up in Regeneration, per Saint’s words. Ascension, in my experience, will give you self-respect, allowing the true you to come out.

And lastly, you gave a major impression as to who you are by declaring your past up front. With that courage, I’d say you may be ready for Regeneration. It’s your call though. Your post humbled me.

Thank you for sharing your truth here.


Thanks for feedback and sharing your experiences with subliminals, well if we don’t open our wounds they are not gonna get healed.

I’m waiting for some other opinions to make sure what I’m about my purchase


I think Regen or rebirth with a nother main sub like Ascension. Basically with all these early childhood experiences and so on you have to address problems from multiple angles because they are all intertwined. For exame say you have an anger problem, you may purchase a subliminal for anger. You run it for a while but once you stop your anger is back. Because fixing the apparent needs to be done by treating the inapparent. You have to treat the root of these problems/symptoms that you consciously aren’t even aware of going on. It requires not only commitment but determination. Do you have that? If so I would buy a package. These are the best thural subs I ever came across.


I suffered alot of abuse as a child and growing up no sexual abuse but actions that led to the deterioration of my self esteem. For me personally emperor and rebirth have helped me alot.

Whichever sub you choose ensure that you also seek out professional help. Subliminals are not a substitute for healing but will help speed up the healing process.