Checking ultra subs with another spectrum analyzer


Hey guys!

If you’re using the ultrasonic version you might want to use another spectrum analyzer to see if your device can play properly the sounds at 20k. I checked with another and it seems the loudest noise from my phone comes at 17.6k-18.2k and that’s the noise I am actually hearing (it seems my ears are not as good as I thought) and you can mark the 20k mark to see how loud that section actually is. For me it’s around 12-15 db lower than the actual noise


Humans actually stop hearing sounds at 15k


Most speakers and earphones have a maximum of 20KHz. More expensive Sennheiser (not sure bout the spelling) headphones can reach 24K. I haven’t seen earbuds being advertised to reach over 20K.
However, as @ExploringAstronaut mentioned, over 15K won’t be heard. Hence the term ultrasonic. You won’t consciously hear and understand them, but your brain should still be able to decode the message.
The “noise” you’re hearing at 17-18k is most probably because of the speakers “clipping” the “sound”.