Chat room for subclubers , just an idea 🤔

I am asking the moderators and the founders to look for the way so that we can have a chat with the Online people .

Why ?

  • if I want to ask different questions will I need to tag the people here every time ? I have no proplem but others may not or do I need to create thread for my questions and here I will need to tag others .
    Besides online people may help instead of tagging.

  • sometimes our questions are not related to the main title threads ,Do we really need to create thread for every question and discussion here excuse me some discussion or questions may sound superficial and simple chat room may solve these proplems

  • create a thread called "chat room " may help but it will be a shortcut way to abuse subliminal club ranks and this is not preferable

  • so chat room will increase the direct engagement between all online members . And will decrease the number of not important threads created . I know this is not a serious matter but Just an idea .

Thanks for your consideration :blue_heart:


I like the idea, but I don’t think that’ll be happening any time soon. Too much moderation needed, too much time.


What about someone make a discord for sub club members
And a few select members can moderate it


Zoom group???

Invite only





Need some meds fellow Ambassador :eyes::joy:?




@SaintSovereign I’d propose making a group chat in apps like WhatsApp and telegram and forget about moderation. While I care about the fulfillment of forum’s members, especially the new comers. But I personally don’t get irritated and unbalanced by provocation or cyber violence.
If the WhatsApp group could be more private and stuff.(I don’t know if I’d be invited😅

It is not viable for any company to have unmoderated communication channels.

It’s not any other company, it’s SubClub. I agree with you to a point. But chat moderation can be a bit hard at times.
I thought of it more of a friendly gathering with some rules. Like the users should be actively visiting and writing for at least a year. And should also maintain that.
Anyways, just an idea.

Telegram Is Supported

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