Challenging Your Nature/Harnessing Your Nature


This is what I’m thinking about now.

Seems to me that these are two ways to use subliminals.

You can identify an underdeveloped strength, a latent talent, and use the subliminals to strengthen and call that forth. I’m calling this ‘Harnessing Your Nature’. In this case, your once successful, pre-subliminal efforts may have hit a wall, or a plateau, and the subliminal will help you to get back to the dynamic growth.

Conversely, you can identify an unhelpful tendency, a deficit, an area in which you are not particularly talented but in which you would like to develop, possibly an area in which you have never had much hope of achieving anything; and you can use the subliminals to develop that part of you. I’m calling this ‘Challenging Your Nature’. In this case, you may have had very little success or growth pre-subliminal. Now you’ll be growing in this area for what feels like the first time.

I think that both ways probably have major strong points to them. Working on a natural talent, brings forth excellence and strengthens genius. It’s also a thing of great power and joy. At the same time, there’s nothing like working with a challenge to develop grit and determination. It helps to build perseverance and will power and it also nurtures humility.

Right now, in my subliminals journey, I think I’m more in the second category. Wealth generation (Ecstasy of Gold) and establishing my circle of power (Emperor) are newer for me and comparatively untapped.

If I were harnessing my natural tendencies, I would be using Alchemist and Quantum Limitless (and my intention is to do exactly that, once I’ve made meaningful progress on my current projects).

But I’m just thinking of how these two approaches work out in practice. How much do they affect the speed of progress?