Case: Business / Empire creation/ entrepreneurship visualisation supercharger


How many people would be interested to buy and use a supercharger that would deal with entrepreneurship/ business building etc?

I know beyond Limitless has a meditation that is similar.

But, how many would be interested for a supercharger which has a more specific entrepreneurial visualisation guided meditation?


I would actually like this very much


A wealth supercharger would be brilliant, I’m surprised Sub Club doesn’t have one. One to complement Mogul and EoG.

Dialogue could go like this:
Imagine yourself at the head of your own empire, feel the sensations. Ask yourself:
Why am I so damn rich?
How did I get so damn rich?
Why am I such a financial success?

The title for it could be… Midas


@Michel, if a reasonable number of people show interest, we may then tag Saint sovereign and put forward this case to him


Tagging @SaintSovereign @Fire


Our case isn’t strong enough yet :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


To add to this, I would love a manifestation supercharger.

Fire developed some incredible manifestation technology with Khan St4 and such supercharger could immensely amplify that effect. It will compliment all subs including EOG and Mogul

Imagine you standing in a white blank room, visualizing the goal you want to achieve… Imagine what it would feel like when you already achieved that…

You could also hire @Hermit for creating the script for that one :wink: