Can't get over it


Hello guys, I hope y’all are doing well. So I have this big issue which - I believe - prevents me from being successful and happy in life. Last year I’ve experienced something that really hurt me and broke my heart into pieces and I still didn’t recover from it. I’ve been listening to StarkQ and Limit destroyer, but this feeling is killing me inside.

Yesterday I’ve got screamed at, and hence I’ve witnessed so many bad things in life, it kinda traumatized me and I feel dead inside.

Which Subliminal would you guys recommend?
I have StarkQ + T., Emporer, Limit Destroyer, LimitlessQ etc.


Regeneration. Stack it with Rebirth for extra juice


Khan is 4 stage sub . It has healing in first 3 stages, " cleaning" you from old traumas and limits. Plus strong learning for building way to success in areas you wish reach . wealth , sex , personal life.

look into jurnals first


To address healing in as gentle manner as possible
regeneration, rebirth with elixer supercharger

For massive healing that won’t necessarily be gentle-and to prime you for power and sexuality-Khan Stage 1 and/or whole sub