Can't find speaker frequency


Most sellers don’t list speakers’ frequency range and even going to a company’s official website often yields nothing. Very frustrating.

I’m trying to buy a bluetooth speaker by JBL called simply SD18. But I can’t find the frequency anywhere.

Is it safe to assume that it goes up to at least 20 kHz? I’m worried about buying something that only goes up to 18 kHZ.


I’ve actually found the frequency for the speaker you mentioned, it’s about 150Hz to 20Khz. Though I couldn’t find it on the official JBL website, which concerns me as it may be a counterfeit item. Most companies will list their speaker frequency though this may not be the case for companies in China.


I don’t think the one I’m looking at is counterfeit. I think maybe this is just an old model JBL doesn’t make anymore.

Thanks so much for finding the frequency! I know 20 kHz is what’s needed for the top range. Is 150 Hz good for the low range?


I’m not sure about that, you have to ask @Fire or @SaintSovereign about it. Though if you’re using ultrasonics exclusively then it shouldn’t be a problem as it’s between 16KHz to 20KHz.


I use masked but this speaker will only have ultrasonic playing on it. Guess I’m good!