Can't complete purchase in Q-Store


I have 6 transactions in my Q store account over the past few weeks. Latest one is failed.

I have tried Quadpay/zip - does not work

Old credit card - declined

Debit card - declined

New credit card - declined (today)

My financial institution had all blocks/limits removed. I was told everything on my end is good to go. Last info I got was that Google was placing a $0 hold when trying to complete this purchase.

This is an issue outside of my control/bank.

#10334 is my ticket with multiple posts by me. I’d greatly appreciate feedback/status, even just letting me know someone is aware of it. RV said he notified staff, whoever that is.

I’ve been trying to order my first custom for weeks and I’m getting frustrated, hopefully you can remedy this.

Have a great weekend

Edit: just tried again using a different web browser. Declined.

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Man! That really sucks. Will tag @SaintSovereign here.

Hope your issue gets resolved soon.

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And I just notified them.

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Thank you RV, I know you have and you’re awesome.

What I mean by what you quoted was I don’t know if that’s the two owners or someone else. I do realize it’s the weekend. I’ve made this point on top of the support ticket just to maximize representation.

I will wait until someone contacts me about the issue. Thank you for your service :slight_smile:

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In all due respect, your ticket was entered just 2 days ago. While I know it’s frustrating to have issues, please remember that support responses take 3-5 business days.

I looked into the situation. It appears that the merchant account auto-flagged you as high risk due to your bank blocking the first time you attempted to purchase the custom. I have manually approved your customer account for purchases on our end. If it blocks it again, let me know in PM.


Understood, I was fine waiting for the work week. In all honesty I did freak out Friday. I was quite frustrated + the reconciliation I’ve been in. So I do apologize for the aggravation I caused.

Once again thank you.



Order number:2024059 Complete! It worked!

:grinning: Thank you!

Have an awesome weekend and thanks for making mine.