Can you speed emperor up? Should i be awake?


Is it possible to speed emperor up? if so, which is better masked or ultrasonic? Should i change the speed or the tempo. I use audacity for this BTW. If not, what are the reasons. Do these work while asleep or just while awake. Im new to this and have had very noticeable results and like the subjects that SubClub address.


Can you say for certain it isn’t already sped up? Some producers speed up their voice track. Can you say for certain Audacity won’t break it? Always save lossless, don’t recompress. Can you say for certain your subconscious will be able to handle getting even more messages in less time? Or will it become overloaded and start dropping messages because it’s still working on the older ones? Try it only if you get noticeable effects from subliminals the way they are now. That way, you know if they still work when you speed them up. The effects will stay the same or speed up as well. Masked use the simpler technology, but have the interfering sound. Ultras have only the voice track, but are encoded. You’ll have to experiement.

Sleep or awake? Both. And nobody agrees on which is better, so do both unless it gets too much for you. Everybody agrees your mind needs some time off somewhere to process it all, and it likely processes faster during sleep because it doesn’t have anything else to do. Personally, I prefer taking my breaks during the day, but sometimes something stops me from turning the subs on when I go to sleep and I go all night without them. I wake up with the audio player in my hand. Once I even woke up to silence in the morning and it turned out I had picked up my audio player during the night, unlocked it, turned it off and put it back, all without waking up.


This happened to me a few times also, it’s really scary how this happens


+yeah good point, i was wanting to listen to it more times but now i realize its not how many times but for how long. thanks for answering