Can you make a Sleep Stack?


I’ve been on Ascension and Rebirth and sleeping with them on. But I’ve had this tiredness stay with me day after day. Since I had it playing for 8 hours in my shirt pocket today, I’m running a sleep subliminal by another vendor tonight instead of running the subs. I’d like to not dread waking up.

Have you guys considered making a sleep stack? I would run 3 loops of Ascension, one of Rebirth, then have the sleep one run the remaining hours. I’ll run it on my phone in my pocket at work too, so I’d get enough exposure.

I give a vote for a Sleep Stack. I’d have dismissed this request since some rewiring is going on upstairs (I’ve only been on them just over a week), but @AMASH shared similar tiredness in my thread, and he’s been running them much longer. He gave an option of putting in silent tracks after 3 hours or so. This might be an option.

What do you think of this idea?