Can you make a lion reborn

Similarly Dr but for people who resonate with lion energy rather than Lizard reptile dragon energy.


Could you explain more about what you mean?

There is Lion IV available.


It’s a neat idea for the roadmap but needs more explanation.

And heck, I wouldn’t mind being reborn as a lion lol.

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Dragon Reborn doesn’t have any “Lizard reptile dragon energy.”
Lions and Tigers can use DR and it will work just fine.



I actually understand where you’re coming from (or correct me if not).

You identify a lot with the sub you run and the name it has, right?

And it makes sense, because this influences your subconscious mind. After all, I am sure this is one of the reasons why SC is so successful, because they gave their subs cool names and appearances.

Anyone has their own idea what an EMPEROR actually is or does, hence the sub might be applied differently.

If you don’t at all align with dragon energy or the image of it, it’s tough for you to run this.

However, I highly doubt the guys have time (and want to) remake all their subs with specific archetypes or creatures :smiley:
You can use Regeneration or Elixir to do healing.

If the question is if there is actual Dragon Energy ascripting in there, then, no :wink:
It’s just the cover and the name. If they did a Lion Reborn, it’ll be the same MP3 file, just a different cover.

You can, however, get the product, change the filename of the MP3 and give it a lion cover if this helps. Been using this for a while, I give my MP3 files covers of what I want it to be or visualize while listening.


Thanks didnt see that module but I’d be looking for something that wasnt a custom.

Yeah I’m very careful with words and symbols and spiritual meaning of things. I don’t want to talk about demons/ entities too much because that’s out of most people’s scope of reality. But I have been going through deliverance for a long time and DR was doing the opposite of deliverance. Btw I don’t identify as a Christian even tho the term for deliverance comes from Christianity.

Even with the clothes I wear I make sure it’s got good meaning behind the name of the brand. Also look at the owners and who they would be spiritually affiliated with.

You don’t turn into a Dragon after Dragon Reborn

Also you are reptilian based. That’s how the brain works

No big deal.

Enjoy the Healing

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What do you mean by “Dragon Reborn” was doing the opposite of deliverance?

When you say you’ve been going through deliverance for a long time, did this involve exorcisms of some kind or just inner healing prayer ministries?

That term deliverance you borrow from Christian teaching but not identified with it?

So how did that get indoctrinated or programmed? Is it possible that it is just your association that Dragons are evil but Lions are good is what causes the discomfort and negative reaction?

As I understand in the Bible the Lion represents Christ and the Dragon the devil

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