Can ultrasonic in any way damage the eardrum or earbone?


I want to know if ultrasonic can be that lethal, even on -50db to -60db.


On low volumes, ultrasonic is generally accepted to be safe.


Is -50db to -60db on headphones considered “low volumes”?


No, and the official recommendation is not to use headphones for ultrasonic unless it’s for exceptionally short periods (like the superchargers). However, I do it occasionally, just at very very low volumes.


Sh#t, then I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’ve been having ear aches and small bone aches. Should I see a doctor immediately? My hearing is fine though, but my ear bones are vibrating. I quit listening to the subs 2 days ago.


It says everywhere on all the instructions about ultrasonic tracks, to be careful with volume levels.


This does not constitute medical advice, just an opinion. It’s unlikely that your “small bone aches” and “vibrating ear bones” are being caused by ultrasonic subliminal usage. For that reason alone, if this continues or worsens, I would see a doctor or qualified medical provider, as this may indicate another, unrelated issue.


My ears are much much better. I have a connection to a doctor with primarly ear expertise and he said that I simply needed continuous rest and my body need to re-calibrate to its original state from the ultrasonic vibration. All is good.


My ear bones used to vibrate when I first started using subliminals. Then after 8-10 days, things adjusted, and my ears normalized.


Do you still hear to subs on earphones, if yes, at what volumes?