Can sanguine help beat anxiety?


I feel anxious to communicate and intimidated by my marketing team, even though it is alot less than before. Khan is doing it’s work.

I was just looking for something to momentarily get out of the state of intimidation into a state of assertiveness.

Will sanguine super charger help in this regard?


I liked a lot sanguine for that (stop quickly anxiety). Now with QL it stopped 99% of anxiety/stress/worry.


Sure, Sanguine will help here.

If you already have GLM, first try that. It can make a huge difference in this situation as well.


First question i have to ask is what are you using currently ?. Any sub from subclub given time will will eventually dissolve anxiety.


That’s long term. I have Khan in place for that. Not expecting results from that until Jan. Now I need some immediate alleviation.


Immediate or very quick will be sanguine


Meditation and square breathing will help against anxiety. Sanguine does give me that smooth vibe though.


I am wondering which titles Sanguine is integrated into. Is it part of the standard script in all the SC subliminals?


Sanguine will help put your mind at ease and in turn help to alleviate anxiety. I would test it overnight at 4 loops. The more loops you do in my experience the better the effect.


square breathing and or 4-7-8 breathing which is inhale to a 4 count. hold for a 7 count. exhale to 8 count. repeat 4x

square breathing is inhale to a 4 count. hold for a 4 count. exhale for a four count. hold out breath for a 4 count. repeat 4x

also go on youtube and search for EFT for anxiety. It might actually help you out.


Thank you. Will try your suggestion. Can u suggest me any YouTube video please?


Just look at any EFT for anxiety video and they’ll show you the setup and the tapping points. and then you just take your statements i.e. “I’m intimidated by my marketing team.” “I feel anxious at work.” and you tap those statements out.

I just started tapping today on some statements and I do a round and then I do sedona method on any remaining feeling after the tapping round, which is Does this feel like it’s coming from a wanting approval, control, or security? Could I let go of wanting a/c/s? Would I? When? and that zaps it for me. Some people find EFT the best some find Sedona Method the best, me I’ve found use in both and this way of releasing i just started doing after your post and it works for me.


Again, you seem to be rushing things. As I’ve mentioned before, breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. Take very deep breaths.
And then look at your goals, both long term and near term. Then assess each one of them, based on how important they are to you. From there, plan your steps. Write them down if you must, or talk to your dad. Based on your journal and everything else you have posted, you seem to feel a lot of pressure regarding this family business of yours. Before continuing, ask yourself, would this make you happy? If so, then talk to your dad, uncles, family, not some random shmuck in an anonymous forum who doesn’t know what your business is about.
We can give advice, but it’s all useless if we don’t really know the who, where, what, why and how about everything going on.
So talk to those who know. But before all else, breathe deeply and relax. Ask them for advice. Then think about your next step. Then the next. Then the next. Avoid over analyzing stuff. Simply taking baby steps may seem to take too long, but if you keep taking baby steps, pretty soon you’ll still reach your goal.


If you do believe in homeopathic medicine than take kali phosphoricum 12x, 3 times a day. It can cure any type of anxiety.

Two years ago, i started having anxiety attack after a break up. After that my palms and soles use to sweat in any stressful atmosphere. The condition worsened and they sweat all day everyday except when I was alone.

This medicine helped me cop up the anxiety in a month. Try if you can.


Just wondering if Sanguine is in the standard script?

If not, which titles is it integrated into?


Also, is a masked version of Sanguine included?


I first heard about Sanguine since users had liked it in Primal Seduction. I own Sanguine, and have been using it lately with good and unexpected results. One of its core focuses it to have you trust yourself again.

And yes, a masked version is included.

  1. I think it’s included within Regeneration.
  2. Yes it has a masked track.


I’ve started running Sanguine off my phone. I am still deciding if I need to put it in any of my playlists that run all the time from mp3 players.

I ran Regeneration for 3 months by itself last summer.


Ok, so now I have added “Sanguine” to my at work set it and foget it ultrasonic playlist, which prior to this had been just “Ultimate Artist”.

My at home set it and forget it masked playlist. which includes “Primal”, “Spartan”, and “Power Can Corrupt”. Trying to decide if it makes sense to add Sanguine to that, too.