Can primal seduction clear out my inner blocks ?


I bought Primal Seduction a while ago …i haven’t used it yet …Can PS help me clear out all the internal blockages .limiting beliefs and shits ?if can .to what degree ? lightly or heavily or even better completely ? if not which sub I should go for ? please give your opionions . thanks


Can you please elaborate on what limiting beliefs you believe you have ?


for example,many times I have encountered girls that actually liked me .and I liked them as well…I would somehow subconsciously fuck it up…say stupid shits do stupid things…whereas with the girls that I am not attracted to I dont have any problems in fact I dont even give a damn about what they think or feel…I think。it could be some entitlement issue or some fear of being abandoned …somethings relates to those aspects…


Yes Primal Seduction would help you immensely in this area.


@xingliao which subs are you using currently?


regrowing hair from another producer


Well, that is something completely different. :slight_smile:

As far as overcoming your limiting beliefs go, consider this one:
Male hair loss comes from a byproduct of testosterone. As such, you may conclude the fact you lost some hair means you have a lot of testosterone, and are a masculine man! That’s what I tell myself.

You want proof? I once went to a functional fitness seminar. The presenter showed a picture of all the greatest fitness coaches, all alpha males. All of them had hair loss. :smile:

PS If it works, let me know. Keep in mind hair growth cycles take 9 months, so it may be a while.


I am sure it will be fine within few months…then I will start my journey …by the way…I am not masculine type …I am the badboy type like the earlier version Julien Blanc from RSD…