Can I play Rife frequencies and 428Hz Hybrid sound healing?


Since am on the lookout for healing modalities, i have come across Rife frequencies and 428 Hz Hybrid Sound Healing that are said to be able to cure various illnesses. Is it okay to play them in the day time and play my SubClub stack in the night?

These are 2 channels which am talking about. Do give some input:

David Sereda Rife Frequencies

428 Hz Hybrid Sound Healing


The only thing recommended against playing is other subliminals. Just remember to stay critical of YouTube videos. Do your research.


@DarkPhilosopher - I agree at being critical of YouTube videos. Was also wondering whether anyone else in the forum has heard of Rife frequencies. It has some history to back it up.


I have. Helped me very much with my throat.


@ExploringAstronaut - that’s encouraging. Could you point me to a YouTube channel or website that you used. That would be much appreciated.



Do you typically run your subs at night. If not just keep them in the day time and then play the audio along side them. I’m familiar with royal rife and his breakthroughs. Very intelligent man. He found a way to be able to use frequencies to specifically kill off certain cancerous cells in a person’s body with a small machine. If your interested then you should buy a rife machine. The frequencies are supposed to be absorbed by your body. I’m not sure if listening to them in audio form will work. I don’t have one my self.

Lately I’ve been using Bob Beck’s protocol. Basically a blood electrification device. Works great. When ever I feel like I’m getting sick I run it for a couple hours and the virus is out of my system!


I’ve used cranial electro stim.

I use some Iawake tracks alongside subliminals while sleeping.


@ExploringAstronaut - thank you, will check it out


@lowrider - I run my subs at night and am planning to run the rife frequencies in the afternoon.

I have researched the original person who invented it, Royal Rife but the Rife Frequency Machine I heard about is by one David Sereda. It’s pretty expensive so am delaying buying such a machine until SubClub helps me get rich😁

Have not heard of Bob Beck. Will look into it.

Thank you.


@dorfmeister - is iawake Rife Frequencies? I remember you mentioning their website before. I think I checked them once but don’t remember seeing anything for eye healing


You could also look at Hulda Clark. The devices called ZAPPER are very popular and not so expensive. Rife frequencies are implemented or can be programmed manual. At the end those devices are simple frequency generators.


I make my own frequency device. Rife used sound waves, David Sereda uses Electro Magnetic waves. You make this yourself, wrap a copper coil around a clear quartz point, then transmit frequency through it. My device uses pyramid technologies that amplify the frequencies.


I’ve got multiple outputs from the mp3 player playing my subliminal soundtrack and one goes to the audio input of a bundt cake sized ring made of orgonite.


As for iAwake, they use a series of evolved binaurals (like a oscillating carrier frequency and isochronics, as well as putting the binaurals in every sound on the track including the masking sounds). Nowadays the capture and use biofields (subtle energy fields). Their top of the line meditation program is quite effective. After listening, I always feel like I just got out of bed and have difficulty waking up.


Thank you for your inputs, @Hannibal, @Hermit @dorfmeister and @DarkPhilosopher. Very useful.


Here is an explanation of Bob Beck’s blood electrification


Will definitely check it out. Thank you, @lowrider