Buying Custom & Name Embedded Subliminal


Not sure if this has been posted Arjuna has posted a new video on youtube


He is probably going to see your post and be very happy that his videos are getting attention here :slight_smile:

Keep up champ!


@Nameless I’m one of your YouTube subscribers


Is Nameless Arjuna?


He’s a rockstar


Yep, I saw that too. Always good to see another video from Arjuna Adjinna.


that is absolutely correct! I am amazed at this. I love that my obsession with 8th house matters has directly improved the lives of others. Every time i see comments on my videos or here, it reinforces how much i love y’all cuz y’all actually care about what i have to say :joy:


@Nameless 8th House?


You should comment more on the forum here. You really were here right from the start, I would love to read more about your insights


sure man i’ll post as often as i can! it’s been a while since i’ve been on forums, i’m really not on them as much as i used to be. when i’m at work i’m fully focused on that, and in my free time i just hang out with my fiance and family or playing video games (#XenobladeChronicles 1&2 for life!)

but honestly man i’m probably not that much more experienced at this than many on this forum. i just happen to have a way of understanding how subliminals and the mind works, and have a way of communicating that understanding. those that have been on the forum reading other people’s results would probably have more insights on individual subliminals than myself


Bro make a video of your reaction on this revalation of the fan base you have here.


roflmao i know for real



Going for the four core!
smart looking build,
looking forward to hearing how the custom goes.
With that stack you’ll stay pretty busy lol, but hopefully can pop by to update us on your experience.


@Nameless Let us know your experiences regarding your custom. Make videos about it.


Pretty interesting selection that doesn’t touch upon some of the more recent main cores in subclub. But I suppose you have already figured things out!


I definitely will. I’ve gotten a crazy result already within the 2nd week, lol. I cant wait to share it!


That’s what I like to hear
looking forward!

Have you run EOG stages before…or did you just add EOG stage 4 straight to the custom?