Building Subliminals

I don’t understand how subs are built here. I studied quite a bit about it in college as I have a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology.
How can a subliminal be built for an individual without any of my own specific wishes or affirmations?
I’m clueless on some that say unisex but have manly affirmations in the description?
This site, i stumbled upon while I was actually writing affirmations, but had to look something up to answer an email.
When I filter to see what is for women, I get only 1 product. Which I’m not sure exactly what to think of that since I cannot exercise, and have a full time job, and 2 other businesses (in 2 states!) and have a husband and kids…how can I possibly have a stress free life like the description states. If anyone can fill me in on that, I’m very open to suggestions! LOL


Welcome to Subliminal Club, @fordlover.

The subconscious is an extremely powerful thing, and with the constant innovation we have, we are able to offer the individual the ability to consciously guide their chosen subliminal/stack.

For example:

What constitutes a manly information? Strength, independence, ambition… These qualities aren’t exclusive - a woman can also make use of these qualities. Furthermore, owing to the differences in outlook, core beliefs and various other factors, a woman can freely use most of the “manly” subliminals, and instead of developing manliness, will develop qualities that any individual can value, such as strength of character, leadership, career success etc.

Do not ask for an easy life, ask for the strength to handle a hard one. :wink:

Quotes aside, improving your character, lessening negative talk, removing limiting beliefs and upgrading your life situation will all help you tackle your obligations with more ease.

Ascended Mogul or Ascension for Women would be excellent choices.


I’m not saying that about an easy life, it’s posted in the description of one of the subs.

It states in the description of masculinity. Not my words.

I have a degree in Philosophy, I’m aware what we can manifest, I’ve been doing it for years. I’m just not always having the time to meditate like I would love. I guess I’m looking for an alternative.

When I started with SubClub products nearly a year ago, I had a twice-daily meditation practice. Lately, I’ve not taken the time… and it hasn’t affected my manifestation results. It takes some experimentation to find the pattern that works best for you (although there are listening guides available… single program is published, stacked is in-progress if I recall correctly).

I’m a happily married guy with a daughter arriving imminently (due on Sept 13th!) so pretty much all of the seduction stuff isn’t relevant to me, but the mindset and wealth programs are fantastic. I’ve never bought Ascended Mogul so I can’t comment on that, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Personally my stack is based around StarkQ, as that fits my goals and ambitions the best at the moment.

Don’t worry about not having/taking time for meditation, or if the wording on the sales pages makes a particular product sound too focused on masculine stuff or other hypey things. The products work extremely well, and there are multiple females here on the forum using subs quite effectively.

Finally, stress is your response to something that happens… a stress-free life doesn’t mean a life in which nothing ever happens and everything is sunshine and rainbows. It realistically means a life that you can navigate without losing yourself in it, without being dragged down.

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: