Bluetooth speaker with subs and audiobooks


Is it ok to use masked or ultrasonics on a bluetooth speaker? Which would be better? And can i listen to audiobooks with these playing in the background? I want to get quantum limitless


You can yes, and either works. Use the app these guys use to check how loud it is for ultra sonic’s though. I’d use ultra Sonic whilst listening to audiobooks and apparently it actually helps whilst you’re multitasking.


Yes, either is fine. Make sure the speaker has a frequency range up to 20,000hz (some cut off at 15,000hz which is below the frequency range for ultrasonics)


I do the same.

When I listen to audiobook on speakers I play the ultrasonic file.

When I listen on head phones I use the masked files

When I listen to the ultrasonic I use the frequensee app to check the volume


Do i need to wear headphones so i get the message straight in my ears or are yall serious that this will work off of my phone or bluetooth speaker? I apologize for my skepticism. Id prefer masked so id know the volume for sure vs ultra sonics.


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