Bluetooth no frequency info


I have a Bluetooth speaker set that has no info about the frequency range of the speakers. But when I check it with the frequensee app I can clearly see strong signals around the 20khz side. Does this mean that it can play the ultrasonics?


That should be okay. Just to be certain, you could download the following file:
Speaker Test

This file goes through the range up to 20kHz and was made to test for ultrasonic subs. If you can play that all the way to the end without hearing any distortion (like pops, crackles or so called white snow) you’ll be fine. For the majority of people (as expected) you won’t hear the last bit, it would be completely silent. If somehow you can hear ultrasonics, good for you!

It’s kinda amusing to play it with FrequenSee on as well.

As always, be careful with the volume of ultras. Set a comfortable volume using the masked track, then switch over.

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Thanks for the file. I couldn’t hear anything after about 20sec unless I turn it up way too loud. I’m assuming it’s fine then. :money_mouth_face:


I tried playing that file and could still hear something during the last few seconds. Is there anything wrong with my ears?

Also, I am playing the ultrasonic version of Emperor v4 on my laptop which has external speakers attached to it now. How is it I can feel a crackling sound (like that of a fire) when my volume is set at 50db according to Frequensee? Am I doing it wrong? Am I supposed to hear anything when playing ultrasonic?

Ok I turned down the volume a bit now I cannot hear the crackling sound.