Blue skies review - The power of love


I never really talked about blue skies in my journal, but I kind of need to because honestly, blue skies is really powerful.

Since the moment I started my custom sub I had blue skies in it. Self love, self compassion… It’s something I had problem (and probably a lot of you guys and girls too!) with for a loooong time.

When running my custom sub I didn’t noticed it at first, but I really had stopped comparing myself. Feeling so peaceful with just being me. Not caring so much about other people’s judgment.

I’ve always been hash on myself, had a pretty bad self talk and forcing me to do shit. Now I do it because it’s good for me… I allow mistakes and I allow myself to feel bad sometime, for example, I made a post yesterday about reconciliation, doesn’t mean it’s easier, but I am much more delicate when I speak to myself, taking care of me and allowing some “me” time.

Accepting my quirks, weakness and feeling a LOT less hurt when being “rejected”.

For everyone who haven’t added this module to your custom, you definitly should give it a try :wink:

And for those who are running it, please share your thoughts on it, I feel like the module itself is under appreciated!

Q Modules Experiences

As it’s going to be the sole general emotional healing module in my custom, I am looking forward to results and attributing much to it.


I’d say it’s lessened, definitely, but years of negativity will take a while to work through.


Oh yeah, this is why even if I have seen strong effects from it, I’ll stick with the same module for long!


@WhiteTiger. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing it.

My next planned custom is about pulling together and consolidating the Inner Strength and Structure, the internal resources, to guide and direct my life to how and where I want it to be, and to inhabit my life in a way that reinforces and affirms my dreams and my Soul as well.

I have just been thinking in the last couple of days to move Blue Skies into that Custom. (I’d originally had it planned for a different one). So your experience shared here is timely for me. Thanks.

Of course, my planned custom is not planned to be built for another 8 months, so who knows what wonders will manifest by that point? haha.


I’ve definitely noticed a huge increase in sense of love of myself and life since starting Blue Skies,
it was insanely strong for a few weeks, then evened out, and now I’m in reconciliation territory from that or Khan Stage 1. As I’m noticing the parts of me that experience apathy, self judgement and hatred, victimhood, and powerlessness really coming out after my custom. They don’t take me over but it’s clear there present and being dissolved/obliterated/ purified/ love to death-or however all that healing works.


You are right
I have this in my custom and yes !! I do like myself and more , it’s kinda I ma loving myself and want to do more things for myself . I have a feeling I am worth more and I deserve more . Also I feel this adds to happy mood and contentment.

I am pampering myself more and I feel more love I feel for myself , more I am able to share love feeling with my loved ones and otherwise too .


Is this planned sub up for review anywhere? Could be good to have a discussion for it