Blue’s Sex Mastery X: Journal


I’ve decided to post my Sex Mastery X on a different thread. So they wont be mixed with Ascended Mogul though the are definitly working synergetically.

Two weeks ago i’ve meet a cute nerdy girl and took her snapchat. We are now dating. I havent seen anyone ever since my break up 8 months ago. So my new experiances are far more different and better than my old ”coughDMSIcough”

  • General results - Im extremly horny whenever i run Sex Master X and up to 3 days after.
  • My **** is allot thicker and harder when im aroused.
  • I’ve never taken viagra but could only assume that it feels like im on viagra when im aroused.
  • I can easily say that i have 10 times more stamina while having sex.
  • Extreme confidence while having sex. Im pulling out crazy new moves whenever im having sex.
  • The sex is supremly intimat and satasfying. I cant help but feel more for the her whenever we have sex.
  • I could easily make her cum 5 times or more if i want to. This + Ascended Mogul makes her allot more likely to to surrender to the presense of assertive and confident man who knows what he wants.

In less highlighted news, i feel like she is a manifestation and i have a gut feeling that implores me to not get too close to her. Like this is the main reason and feelings are secondary for both of us even though we’d like to think otherwise.

I should be at a point where this is a good stuff, yet if something happens. I can easily replace her. Like sure i like you and enjoy your feminine presence but i dont Need you to be happy.

Easier said than done though, the way i see it. She wont rest untill she have me wrapped around her.

Get it here (( ))


Sex Mastery X? More like pornstar Mogul… as if it couldnt have gotten any crazier…
It did.

The girl im seeing came to my place yesterday around 2pm and all we did was **** for almost 6 hours. Handcuffs, belt and insane positions all the way. I made her cum more than 15 times. I can easily do it in 3 min now. And she cant get enough. My wrist and hips are sore as hell. I am talking about exorcism style orgasms. I cover her mouth, she keeps cumming harder.

She went from close to zero experiance to pornstar level. We even joke that i need the opposite of viagra because its becoming too much.

Sex Mastery X is dangerious. Nuff said. Use at your own risk xD


I wish I had realized this with my own manifestation but its better late than never right?

I’m really enjoying your sexcapades man, keep us updated.


Great results!

Sex Mastery X has proven to surpass all my expectations. It is by far the subliminal with the most obvious and fastest results. If you have access to sex on the regular, you owe it to yourself to give Sex Mastery X a try.


Yes to be honest there isn’t much left to say. The sex lasts as long as i want it to, i can pretty much make my girl orgasm in 4 different ways no pressure.


Honestly i didnt think id hit another milestone with Sex Mastery X but voala it happened again. I was talking to my girl joking about how her vibrator is pretty much useless now after all the orgasms i’ve given her. She said that ever since she started meeting me she have been have touching herself less and less now as it feels nothing compared to me. And that touching herself doesnt feel as good compared to what i can do.

She keeps wondering how are you this good, why, how many women have you been with.

Seriously Sex Mastery X will make you a master within a week, and a god within a month.


How many hours a day do you spend on Sex Mastery?


Try coming off it for a bit, see if the effects stick. For me, it has. But, I’d like an unbiased source to confirm it for those thinking about purchasing.


For the last 15 days i’ve only listned about 3 times. The skill is permenant, the enhancement effects do require exposure like the stamina and the ” drive ”.

Quite frankly listening as much as 3 hours a day ( that was up untill 2 weeks ago ) was too much. I simply dont want to have sex for 5 hours everytime she comes to my place. It takes me about an hour to finish.

The new lessned routine works great for me now. 30 min is enough for me to give her at least 3 mindblowing orgasms and for me to finish. Then we have time to chill.

Will post more soon, In the meantime feel free to ask any questions no bars held!
(( ))


I am curious , which subs contain sex mastery x. Does Ascension v2 has it ?


If im correct Emperor has though its not as effective as SMX


Its been a long time since i updated this journal. Im currently using Iron Throne, and daredevil mainly and i’ve added Mogul to the mix…

However since im now very active with my fwb i will be using Sex Mastery X primarly. Iron throne has a about a third of what SMX has to offer. My preformance is above average but thats it.

But now im going to revisit SMX and since its nothing but endless fun and glory xD


Do you remember what was you sex mastery listening pattern?


i was using SMX every night for the first month. Then it became way too much so i limited to 2 loops.


After getting about 6 hours of SMX i was hard and the tinest fantasy or sexual thought. I went ro my fwbs place and found myself using my old tricks. I was teasing her badly with foreplay and words. Its so easy to slip into that dominant role. I made her cum twice with one hand while dominating her with the other.

Unlike my ex, she is very passive and we have just enough chemistry. I wasnt as motivated as i remeber, i still gave her the night of her life.

Stamina-wise i lasted 8 more minutes. Its both because i have less chemistry with her and because its only the first day.

Whats truly intresting is that she was far dirtier than before. Then we cuddled for a while and she did something unexpected. She kissed my bicep in a loving no sexual way and quickly turned around.

She is normally idc but lets do it anyway, passive and a bit passive agressive.


How many hours do you put in to get these results? If you don’t mind me asking.


I use it while sleeping if im going for it