Blue’s Gaming Mastery X: Experiances


Just grabbed a copy of this bad boy. The reason for this is that i am trying an entierly new game.

Leauge Of Legends

Its a game i haven’t played before or anything similar to it. My friend and his friends made it fun. So far i’ve only played around 7 matches and i know the basic of basics. It’s a 5 versus 5 game where you need to outsmart and outplay the enemy team and destroy their base.

So im going from total noob against semi pro level players with my team.

Well see how this goes xD

Give it a try, and tell us about your Killer progress :wink:
(( ))


It’s very intresting seeing how Gaming Mastery X is working. I am seeing myself drawn to watch videos about the game and how to play it. I’ve been thinking about the game, visualising different situations in the game almost like a stimulation. To be fair i have always been able to do that to a certain extent.

About the actual skill, id say i’ve been improving 25x faster than i had first anticipated. I am allready playing with a team filled with seasoned players while im the only one playing this for the first week. I’ve even Aced 2 out of 5 matches we played Leauge Of Legends.

Its gotten so bad i had to pump up the hours on Asc Mogul to retain my original focus. Im thinking about the game 30% of the time. Time i would otherwise spend thinking about same repetitive bs might i add.

My friend who has been playing for 5 years and who is level 75 or something told me that i am playing at a level he reached after 6 months… in less than a week.


For the time being i’ve stopped listening to Gaming Mastery X and the results are immediate. For starters i dont feel like playing as much as i did while on the sub. The skill is still there. I will only listen on holidays becasue Mogul is my priority.

However i can now play with very experianced people and do more than hold my own ground. Just in 10 days, played like 5 of those days.


Since i’ve stopped using Gaming Mastery X for about 3 days ago after using it for one week i feel less urged to play LoL. Gaming Mastery X works just as fast as Sex Mastery did. I will use it more when i have the time but for now Asc Mog is my absolut priority.


Those running any of the “X” programs report the same thing. When I ran Muay Thai Mastery X, I had this intense urge to train. After I stopped running it, the interest waned.


I’ve used Gaming mastery X yesterday for 10 hours and played for 3 hours. Right now i’am level 14 playing with my team who are at level 40 and above and we played ranked. I didnt do much in the match but i held my lane and got a few kills and even less deaths.

Thing is im playing against people who have been playing this game for years and years. Unlike CoD where its luck X some skill x instinct this game is pure strategy and experiance. It takes knowing the Champion you are playing, the place, items, healthbar, enemy team, position, teammate position and alot more into consediration and every move counts.

So yes im progressing very fast in this game.


Its friday night and i have been feeing f**ed up, no way in hell im spending money going out. So it’s Leauge of Legends Time…

I ran Gaming mastery X last night while sleeping for a solid 6 hours. And i have been playing as soon as i went home from work.

I am currently @lvl 20 username: SoftDiccTator
I played a few matches with my lvl 100 - 250 friends and i was doing better than 3 of them. Then i played solo against opponenets my own rank and Im destroying everyone.

An hour spent gaming is easily worth 100 hours grinding. This makes this and probably any other game too easy. Im learning and advancing way too fast.


Are you having any dreams?


No dreams for a while now