Blacksheep's Alpha/Seduction experiments


Very excited for this stack.

DAY 2:

So far I’ve logged:

5 Hours Terminus
4 Hours Emperor
2 Hours Primal Seduction
2 Hours Iron Throne

Terminus has given me some new vitality and energy. I feel mentally stimulated by it, and physically I feel light and energetic. I feel more clear headed. Today I noticed a few girls checking me out, and also some random people as well. I felt very confident speaking on the phone with someone of importance, and he liked my enthusiasm. Last night, while listening to Iron Throne, I kept thrashing and waking up while it was playing. Perhaps I should stick with the regular version? Or maybe just listen to 1 loop.


Looking foreward to your updates. Iron throne got a very raw sexual edge to it. Dont be surprised if women begin hitting on you ! :grinning: Just give yourself more of an edge by dressing really well the iron throne impact is even more.

Another thing is I believe terminus has the beauty option and aesthetics enhancer too.


Reconciliation. Happens to me also. It’ll pass.


I went way to hard with the loops. I’ve decided to listen to one loop of each, per day, for now. Stark and Emperor will take priority, and if I have extra time I’ll listen to Iron Throne.

I’ve been waking up at the absolute crack of dawn, regardless of tiredness. It began the morning after first listening to Stark. Very unlike my usual habit! Good stuff.


@BlackSheep i am waking up earlier in the morning to get things done its like I am happy to get stuff done which was very different from emperor q where it just pushed me to get things done.


I had the most profound dreams last night. In one, I had committed manslaughter and was living under enormous stress that I’d be caught. But the best one, I could look at any girl and make them fall in love with me, and I was doing this to extremely beautiful girls. At one point I zoomed my vision 300m away to a sexy girl and make her turn red. Those dreams were so real… I had no idea that I was sleeping. I enjoyed journeying to what felt like another universe.

Taking things slow with 3 loops total per day, one for each sub. Maybe this made the dreams stronger.


As an aside, I’ve heard at least 3 comments praising Primal for every 1 praising Primal Seduction (not Iron Throne). So what’s with the bias against PS? I cannot remember a single person vouching for it :confused:


Primal Seduction take longer to ingrain, I believe because its basically in a nutshell a combination of S&S and Primal with lots of bells and whistles added in which makes it a larger script. As for S&S the script is much smaller so your likely to feel and see its effects much faster. Primal is also a light weight script.

I cannot comment on iron throne as i have not used it long enough.


@Sigma11, @blackadder - I guess this is his current journal and stack


I believe it is


@BlackSheep - are you using the Q versions of Emperor and Primal Seduction?


Nah I’ve only touched Iron Throne.

Right now my stack is

2 x Terminus

2 x Emperor

2 x Iron Throne

I also play Khan ST4 every few days for maintenance.

if stark turns out to just be an improved version of Emperor I may drop Emperor and focus on Stark and PS.


I’ve been running Ascension Q the past few days at 1 loop/day. I’ve noticed a shift in my behavior towards Alpha. This had not been present when I was running Emperor Q about a week ago. On Emperor v4, I felt cockier than I ever had in my life, but felt none of that on Q. It’s possible I was over using it.

The most noticeable changes for me are waking up extremely early, even if I’ve only slept for 4-5 hours. A deepened voice, which appeared the day after starting, which I noticed on God Like Masculinity but no other sub including Emperor. There is also a sense of equanimity and calm that wasn’t present on Emp. It struck me yesterday that someone could insult me and I probably wouldn’t feel affected by it. It’s also been easier to avoid negative information from the media, which is a welcome relief during these times! Looking back on my notes, I had great results with Stark Terminus so I may start a schedule of Stark x1 and Ascension x1.

Relative to Emperor, Ascension is definitely more of what I was looking for. Thanks to everyone who recommended it!