Blacksheep - Khan Journal (ST1-ST4)


I’m putting my balls on the chopping block and going on all out. I’ll be running subs 12-16 hours a day, mixing QL ST3 and Complete Khan. One round of commander per day as well.

I’ve been running the stack for a few days and it’s very surreal. Shifting my reality radically, but I feel very peaceful. Quantum Limitless really improved my desire to study, and think things through. I’m enjoying the cognitive benefits a lot. On Khan I feel like an absolute badass sometimes, but other days have had mixed results. I think I’m getting used to the effects.


Why are you changing your listening stack every few days ?. In one post you talk about wanting to become a pimp. Using primal, sex mastey and S&S. Then all of sudden you switch to Khan and now you have switched to QL ???.

I dont think you have thought through what you want to achieve carefully enough and your expecting instant results. When you dont get instant result i think you get bored and decide to try a new product.


I have been guilty of swapping premature ly
It is of no help really…
At the time of purchase, it feels like the best decision.

My experience:

I started with khan, then stacked mogul to it, then GLM. Then added Sex mastery to the staxj. Then swapped GLM, Sex Mastery and Mogul with Limitless. Then added PCC to the stack… I also bought Am, sanguine

My goals changed from status to being sexual to being a genius to etc. And my expectations were that, by only Listening to subs, I will automatically get to know what I have to do for my goals. But that really did no good.

eventually I started taking action in one of my desired areas and started seeing results. Then I just reverted back to only khan.

More recently I’ve added QL… And been doing QL and K for 16 days so far.

So before you completely change again and again. be sure you know what you want, and be sure to take action in the direction.

I have also been guilty of jumping from sub to sub.

To be fair, I understand what you’re going through ie. The lack of instant results. And the feeling that we want to get the most out of the time we have. so, in between your current program you might feel that, another program will be better and hence make the switch. But that does no good.

you are your best judge!

What I would suggest is to knock one Goal a time according to priority!

Best if luck!!!


I admit that subhopping isn’t good, but if you look at my original stack it was basically what Khan is. I’m also starting school now, and want to go all out, so QL was a good choice. This is the regimen I will stick to for the time being. No take backs


That’s understandable, I’ve been through similar reasonings.

Although, be mindful that, if you suddenly feel like going back to the pimp Journey again before adequate time has passed with this, Don’t rush.

Only you are your best friend.


Good man :slight_smile: lets see you commit to QL for the next 3 to 4 months and graduate.

Who knows Sovereign upon your graduation from QL.may invite you along to join the rest of the graduare members for a night at the moulin rouge in Paris :slight_smile:


Been listening to QL ST3 during the day and Khan S4 at night. I had some really intense and frightening dreams, including a dream about an alien invasion. I was running in a herd of people as they picked us off like cattle. I was able to write down enough of it to form a short story. Last night I had another disturbing dream, but I do not remember the content, only that it was disturbing. My focus has greatly improved, and also my willingness to recall information learned during the day. Very impressed with QL!


Same thing here. Quantum Limitless is truly impressive.

I’ve only been using it for 2 months and a week, really interested to see where stage 4 will take me when I run it for 6 months straight once I finish the foundation for stage 3 next month.


Another extremely disturbing dream. I was in a gang, displeased the gang leader and so he cut off my ear lol. Never a dull moment on Khan



I’ve had polarizing responses like the store description suggested. Some women look away or seem afraid, but others seem to really like THE KHAN.

A nice blonde locked eyes and was drinking me in at this restaurant. Not 15 minutes later some attractive girls 18-22 moved really close behind me in line, much closer than normal boundaries between strangers.

A lot of people look up to me now in public, of all ages, but particularly older people seem to respect me and younger ones are more intimidated. More than a few times older people, particularly older women have said hello to me in passing. The AMOG I’ve noticed from Alphas has been manageable because I’m not threatened or interested in engaging or escalating and they can feel that.

I’ve definitely had a couple women who weren’t keen on the Khan, about 5-10% will be neither flattered or intimidated but just offended by my vibe. These negative reactions are also enhanced, because nothing comes for free I guess.


QL gets stronger the more I listen. Some barriers to my learning have broken. Better recall during study sessions, impressive new insights on previous knowledge, and my attention is razor sharp and focused. The mental “work” is still there, and it still takes time to learn things, but the mental distractions and nagging insecurities are gone.

Another big thing is I’ve been inspired to write and design again. Both things that I put off for many years. I’ve been writing in a notebook everyday, and learning about architecture styles, and going through a book on discrete math.

For reference, my listening schedule has been:

1 X Khan ST4
1 X QL ST3

both day and night. I’d estimate 25-30 hrs on both so far.


If I’m to do this, I will do it right. No more bullshit. I’m listening to Khan ST1-S4. I’m already 23 hrs into Total Breakdown. I’m buying a journal and will update this post as well.

My plan is 18 hrs a day at least Khan exclusively, although I may add Commander or Libertine. All stages I plan to listen for 750 hrs, with the possible exception of ST1 if I need more time breaking down. I’m glad I finally stopped screwing around and am starting for real this time.


Stage 1
Hours: 37

Listening to Khan brings a distinct feeling immediately. It’s calming but also stings emotionally. I’ve been reflective since starting, on my past failures. I’ll be honest it sucks right now. I feel pretty raw and kinda depressed. A bit fatigued as well. I’m missing the flashy IOI’s and stuff from other projects. It hasn’t been all bad though. I noticed some relief from things bothering me, and I feel more assertive physically.


Stage 1
Hours: 63

Manifestation yesterday. Saw a woman from over 10 years ago that I wanted and epically failed to get with. It stung me for a long time, but yesterday I was unreactive, and it felt good. But ST1 is making me feel like shite can’t wait to be done with it.


Oh you can wait. Trust me. Because Total Reprogramming…you can’t prepare for it.


Was wondering, do you get some sort of intuition as to “where to look for relevant information?”


Not sure I understand completely, but no I feel guided towards any information really.


Stage 1
Hours: 86.5

Noticed two women checking me out the other day. For the most part I’m feeling pretty confident on ST1, but there are times where I’m reconciling and feel depressed. The most intense negative aspects have subsided for now. I have mild tourettes which was aggravated by ST1.

Going to take a break tonight to recover.


Stage 1
Hours: 98

There’s evidence of change induced by Total Breakdown. I handled the situation with the girl a few days ago better than I ever thought possible. I’ve also started a diet prescribed by a book called “The Plant Paradox”, by Dr. Steven Gundry. Great book so far, and based on the latest medical research. I’ve also cut down on video games significantly, something possibly related to ST1. However my two biggest vices, porn and smoking weed, remain. Although the urge for porn has decreased somewhat. Still no reduction in urges for weed.

One thing I’m really liking is how relaxed I am. Even with all the emotional chaos, there’s paradoxically a sense of greater calm amidst it all. I feel much less anxiety, perhaps even too little in some cases.


Stage 1
Hours: 116

A bunch of stares from cute girls and women in past days, and also men staring at me respectfully or hesitantly and even one who I think was gay and he was creeping me out. I think Khan reduced my insecurity towards female sexuality and makes me appreciate female beauty and feminine energy more.

I’m feeling a strong desire to fix my appearance which shouldn’t be too hard. I also need to stop procrastinating and get back on feldenkrais. My posture is shit.


BlackSheep it makes me very happy to see you comiting yourself to Khan stage 1 and barreling through the hurdles. Keep it at it !