Black Adders Journal


I purchased the Emperor program this morning after a friend of mine contacted me about Subliminal Club.

My previous experience with subliminals has not been astounding to put it lightly. I spent just under a thousand dollars on a programs from another company, One program claim to make women want to have sex with you. To be fair it was classed as experimental. However what was disappointing is that the program had been in development for over 2 years and I never experienced any tangible results from the upgrades that were offered neither did alot of people.

So enough of me moaning about other vendor products my first listening will begin tonight using ear plugs.


I know the sub you are on about i did not experience anything from it either, after 2 years you would think it would be finalised. Anyway on wards and upwards to better stuff.


Similar story here. Anyway good luck, Hopefully this will be as killer a product as its description makes it out to be. BTW, thumbs up for the name. I love Blackadder.


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