Black Adder Custom Sub Journal - "The Evolution"

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to my new journal. Here are the modules I purchased

Terminus enhanced !!
Core - Ascension
|Approachability Aura|
|Alpha of Alpha|
|Aura of Craving
|Ascension Q Core
|Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
|Facial Morphing
|Direct Influencing Aura
|Earthshaker - Sexuality
|I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
|Intensity Aura
|Instant Spark|
|Long-Range Seduction
|Seducer’s Gaze
|Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Serum X
Masculine Enhancement

Received the custom 5am UK time yesterday. Managed to get 4 loops in what I noticed initially,

  1. I fell asleep almost immediately after a short duration of listening.
  2. Experienced a dream within a dream which I have never had this happen before.

There are obviously healing sub modules within the core and the modules themselves. As I was getting vivid dreams of my family and my father giving me abuse. This seems to the theme of all my dreams especially when I was running Stark T.

In the dream I woke up in bed then went to find my brother and told him I had the wierdiest dream. Then I suddenly woke up again and realized that the original wake up was also a dream.

New additions to my custom T2 with new modules

Iron Frame
Invincible Presence
Sphaera Magnetica
Serum X
Masculine Enhancement


1st Day of Listening Overnight

I did 8 loops overnight woke up full of energy. After work I went to a social event as usual my flirting, chatting to everyone was on par. One girl asked me for my phone number I was not into her however I handed it over to her. When I left the event hours later she sent me a message on whats app

“Hi Black Adder it was nice having that silly chat with you if you want to meet for a coffee just letme know”

She did not live up to my standards as the kind of girl I would have a relationship with. However she had a nice figure and blonde hair which I liked and she would be good just for sex and having a laugh once in a while.

Again i had a horrible dream of my father giving me verbal abuse. These dreams are reocurring everytime I do not know why.


Stack looks awesome, really looking forward to hearing how it continues to go


What would be your listening pattern? How come you choose enhanced over the other two modules. Have fun and enjoy your journey


Hey @honeymonster what do you do for a living currently :open_mouth: seems like you do meet some girls in your environnement!

Also, I am surprised you didn’t add blue skié to your custom sub!

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@honeymonster - excellent custom Q modules stack based on Ascension Core and seduction. I know how you feel about missing some items in it. Hopefully you will be able to buy another 10 module custom Q sub soon with the missing pieces and some extra. Good luck!

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@GoldenTiger there are no girls in my work environment I work in the IT technology area which is pretty much male dominated. However I work on a freelance basis. Right now I am working from home which means I can work from any country in europe so long as I have my trusty laptop.

Women are everywhere the moment i leave my appartment :wink:


@rising i am running 8 loops overnight and 1 loop in the afternoon whilst I work from my laptop. Not sure what you mean by choosing enhanced ??

With me being in a new country in western europe I really have had to push myself to go out and meet women. At the park, in the street at social events.

Decided to day game out in the city centre, as it was a new city and country anxiety hit me for nearly 45 minutes. After which I decided f**k it I have to cold approach.

Golden Rule !! - Listening to the custom is important however…

Action --> Momentum --> activates the custom and amplifies everything my interaction with women, manifestations everything.

Approached the first girl a hot girl in her 20s she was polite but extremely shy This gave me some momentum to start approaching more women. I cold approached 6 women. After about an hour I saw a girl which had all the physical qualities I like in a girl, long blonde hair, youthful energy, blue eyes, slim figure round arse.

As soon as I began talking to her she began giggling. There was a lot of sexual tension in the air I could feel it. I tried to get her to join me for a coffee however she was in a hurry to meet friends so I took her number.


I am sorry i was working out and i want to write something completely different. How come you chose t^2 over terminus or q?

It’s blackadder. He be choosing T^7 if he could.


That is prettyyy cool :sunglasses: don’t stop bro! Cold approach can be cool when you get used to it, I did some in Montréal last summer!

Glad to see you are starting strong!!

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2nd Day of Listening 8 loops overnight

Dreams…again of my father and of him giving me abuse.

First few hours after waking up I felt down in the dumps. I am guessing this must be the first signs of recon. Feeling vunerable, exposed, not my usual self. There was a point where I thought this custom is not working why bother to continue using it. Of course lets be logical its only the 2nd day and I am not expecting miracles.

Towards midday I decided to get out of the house and go and socialize. Went out and hit a on a couple of girls both were polite but nothing transpired from the approaches.

Got a date arranged tomorrow with the girl I met at the social gathering.

The second girl that I met on a cold approach has not yet replied back when I asked her out on a date.

Towards the end of the afternoon I went to the coffee shop and began chatting to the manager his wife and the waitress. We had a laugh the act of getting out there and being social seemed to have helped remove the dark cloud over my head.


May I ask, why are you listening to 8 loops over night?

Heard blue skies mentioned however, I have no idea what it is apart from looking up into the heavens and seeing no clouds :wink:


I was running stark T at 8 loops without any issues all I can say is I was feeling on top of the world hence me deciding on 8 loops for my custom.

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I am using terminus not T2 my mistake.

I see. Are you gonna still run 8 loops after today, or cut back?

Will continue and if i continue to feel down in the dumps will drop it to 4 loops.