Biokinesis your thoughts?


What are everyones thoughts on the subject of biokinesis. They say this is a process whereby one can use to reprogram the the DNA through a persons mind. Can one reprogram the DNA through ones mind ? and change physical appearance or heal ?


Look up Dr Dispenza and Dr Lipton.
Thank me later.


I was going to suggest the same thing. His work is about that exact topic


I want to know what you think and not just post websites to read about the subject.


To answer your questions: Yes, it is. This is exactly what you and I are doing on a more subconscious way and how subliminals work. They implant thoughts and feelings in your brain/body which then signal specific genes to activate or deactivate.
To sum up the work of Joe and Lipton: Awareness controls genes.
But it is still a very deep topic, thats why I suggest you study these two gentlemen if you want to know more