Biggie Journey to Khan


This is my first entry in the forum, I start by giving thanks to all community here.
Inglish is not my first language and my level of speaking and understand are at very basic.

The deal is, I really want to change and to do so, I have to compromise with myself and with the people in this community that have much more knowledge and experience than me.

I’ve been listening to Khan since November, but to make it count and to be the more consistent possible, I gotta recount it.

My goal is to stick with Khan 1 whole year.

So, Today is day 0. Wish me luck and let’s get started with the Biggie Journey.


Welcome Mike, get comfortable, put on the kettle and let’s talk…

What positive changes have you seen from November?


I was on a very rigid daily routine,
Wake up at 03:30 am and go to sleep at 22:clock1030:, somehow I still had the energy to do my daily activities. Stopped tap, and watching movies. I did all that because I was planning to go well on a test.

What more…

I entered action with more bold,
Speaking my mind and being more decisive in my actions. Before I did something or trying to procrastinate, voices in my head were questioning what’s the goal of doing that???
That makes me more aware and I was capable of make better choices.


Sounds good. Where do you want to be in life?


I want to reach my goals. Year after year.
Have a great life and live doing what I love. (Music).



Ultimate Artist could help you there.
Also have a look at @elementary_vision’s journal too.