Beyond Limitless


Beyond Limitless? Dose it contain a stacking module with it. Or for that fact do all the superchargers have a added bonus ultrasonic stack module to them so they can be ran as a stand alone?


No. Only The Commander supercharger has an ultrasonic stack module along with it.


All of the superchargers have an embedded ultrasonic. Originally, we were giving that embedded ultrasonic track out as a standalone stacking module. But, believe it or not, we received so many refund requests (we don’t give refunds for bonuses) and complaints because they were ultrasonic only that we stopped including them.

A few of them still have the standalone. True Social, Libertine, Dreams. Maybe others.


@SaintSovereign - ah okay. That explains the doubt.


Wait, kind of irrelevant and probably being stupid, does this mean I can listen without really listening like we do the other subs and they’ll still work? I’m not a massive of meditating etc but I haven’t been using Beyond Limitless anymore as I’ve been trying to sit down to listen to it and I hate staying still for too long.

I’d love an ultra Sonic as I use all of my subs on ultra Sonic but understand why this isn’t the case anymore.


Nah, you still need to listen closely and follow the imagery. The embedded subliminal is scripted for fast, immediate results, but only when you’re in a state of trance.


I’d love them to have the option. When i was using social king, with true social, or admiral with commander the effects were much stronger. I was thinking about getting other super chargers but not having the bonus really hurts em. Also with the Q update their so much weaker in compared to items that got updated. Thinking it would be just better to use the stackers that got upgraded than the super chargers at this point.

Any chance this line of products will ever get a upgrade?